Founded in 2019, HOVSCO has been a rapidly growing e-bike brand led by a dedicated team of cycling enthusiasts. Our team members mostly from top universities have the passion to help more people get healthy and fit through cycling. From the ebikes used for commuting, trail exploring, urban jungles, mountain hiking or regular riding, we try to innovate different design and cool appearance to meet desires for different people. Actually, just before this, we have already had a successful career in the hoverboard and e-scooter business, which earned us millions of consumers’ trust, accurate industrial knowledge, and unshakable belief in safety. However, we won't stop! Every time we discover a new way that we love, or we see an opportunity to make our transportation better, we challenge ourselves to improve what we do. Sometimes, we even pioneer a completely new approach.


There's NO OTHER WAY! The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Come with this faith, we started our new journey. With headquarter in the US, warehouses in the UK and Germany, and suppliers in mainland China, we take advantage of the powerful supply chain and efficient logistics network to provide our customer with first-rate service. Our goal is to build a long-lasting brand, get more people on bikes to experience the e-bike smile, and begin an incredible adventure journey. We strive to make the best and reliable electric bike for bike lovers. Helping all cyclists live an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle is what we always aim for, and we'd love to see our e-bike takes them to see the scenery that they would never see before. HOVSCO. Enjoy the ride. Be with us!