What You Need to Know About Folding Electric Bikes: Advantages, Disadvantages, Misconceptions, and How to Choose

What You Need to Know About Folding Electric Bikes: Advantages, Disadvantages, Misconceptions, and How to Choose

Heart pounding, eyes watering, and legs churning.

Can you recognize those feelings?

We have all been there. And if you haven’t, you should check your heartbeat; you might be a living corpse.

Electric bikes have made moving from place to place a minimum fuss thanks to technology. However, let’s face it, the struggle of carrying your bike around is a colossal pain in the ass.

If you have used mass transit before, you have probably seen people who bring their bikes onto the train car. Were you comfortable with them being around?


I’m sure you already know why. But let’s point it out.

These traditional electric bikes are relatively large, making their transportation and storage cumbersome and annoying to others.

Now that folding bikes increasing in popularity, why can’t you give them a try?

Please don’t say no. We have made this article to convince you otherwise.

Please continue reading. There is more to digest!

Why Should You Get a Folding Electric Bike?

1) They are convenient

We often picture electric bikes as gadgets always on the road. However, there may come a time when you want to carry them in a car without compromising seating space. You may also want to tuck your bike underneath your desk, behind the door, in your office corners, and any other compact area.

That's when you'll see the need for a foldable ebike.

Folding electric bikes can easily fold into half their size to fit neatly into virtually all types of vehicles for transportation and parking spaces, including a closet!

2) It is easier to move around with folding electric bikes

Because of their ability to collapse, folding electric bikes are made with slimmer and more compact frames than other electric bike models. This small practical size enables you to maneuver through spaces that a car or a motorbike cannot.

Therefore, with folding electric bikes, you can easily escape traffic and navigate through crowds to avoid getting late for work!

3) It provides enhanced theft protection.

If a folding electric bike catches the attention of bystanders, what makes you so sure that thieves cannot eye them?

Typically, all bikes are vulnerable to theft. However, a folding electric bike will most likely be stolen in a group of different bicycle models.

How sure are you that your ebike is safe where you packed it?

Are you going to buy chains and locks to secure it?

You can’t be that traditional. Just get yourself a folding electric bike! You will never worry about their security.

A foldable ebike is portable, so you can always carry it everywhere while keeping an eye on it. And since it is also compact, you can store it anywhere safely.

4) It is easy to maintain

Do you think that the action of folding and unfolding foldable ebikes makes them difficult to maintain?

No, they are not.

You will be surprised that folding electric bikes don't demand special attention. Their superiority over standard bikes doesn’t make them any different in care. You will only need to charge up and replace the battery when necessary.

5) It’s easy to get it on the road.

Folding electric bikes are classified as regular bicycles and not power-assisted modes of transport since their operation is half-manual. Therefore, they don’t call for any exclusive bike license. Once you acquire them, you have all the freedom to ride them anywhere as long as you obey the traffic rules.

Disadvantages of Folding Ebikes

Anything that has an advantage cannot lack its negative counterpart. If you get yourself a folding electric bike, you will have to deal with the following:

i. Unwanted attention

Fashionable things will always grab the eyes of the public. And folding electric bikes are not exceptional. If you ride one, don't expect it to go unnoticed. Uncontrolled gazes and eternal questions will be the new norm.

ii. Bumpier ride

Most folding electric bikes have smaller wheels than those of conventional ebikes. So, if you are planning to navigate off-road trails and rough, uneven terrain, you will not enjoy your adventure since the ride will be a little bumpier.

iii. Slower speed

Because of the small wheels, folding electric bikes are less stable and hence, slower than standard electric bikes. However, their pedal-assist modes compensate for the slow speed, making it relatively negligible.

3 Common Misconceptions About Folding Electric Bikes

You will never miss hateful people ready to bring down something good in every society. Today, we want to dispel some myths about folding electric bikes. They include:

1. They are heavy

This opinion is very objective. For one, folding electric bikes are heavy. But the more extended version is, it depends on the individual!


The motor and battery of electric bikes add 15-40 pounds to the bike's weight. So, if a traditional bike feels heavy for you, a folding electric bike will be much heavier.

It's worth noting that this additional weight will not affect your riding experience because pedal-assist modes compensate for it. So, if you find a folding ebike that is a perfect size for you, weight shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

2. They break easily

This myth is pretty funny:)

How can you presume that since folding electric bikes fold, their hinges and joints become more susceptible to breakage, limiting the bike's life?

That has never been and will never be the case.

Of course, joints and hinges constitute the weakest parts of any machine. However, folding electric bikes are crafted to reduce the load on these weak links, making them more durable than any other bicycle.

3. They are overpriced

Are electric bikes worth their price?


You can’t modify something and expect its price to remain constant or reduced.

When you look at the design features of a foldable electric bike like the motor system components, folding mechanism, and aesthetics, among others, you will find them quite affordable.

Our takeaway point is that it’s better to pay for something quality that will last you a decade or even longer than something cheap, which you will dispose of without a second thought.

How to Choose the Best Folding Electric Bicycle

Have you identified the folding ebike model you would like?

These are the main features you should consider when buying a folding ebike:

· Motor

An excellent electric folding bike should provide both power and value. So, analyze the kind of terrain you will ride on mostly and choose a bicycle whose motor will deliver sufficient power.

A 250W motor can be suitable for flat grounds, while 500W or more will be best for rough, bumpy terrain.

· Range

The distance you can ride a folding electric bike depends on the bike's battery size and how much you will pedal. If you want a long-range bike, be keen on the battery life, charge capabilities, and pedal-assist modes.

· Folding mechanism

The folding mechanism of a foldable ebike determines how quickly the bike can collapse. The triangular hinge mechanism is the most common, but other bikes may use a split fold or break-away technique.

· Weight

Folding ebikes weigh more than conventional bikes because of their rigid joints and robust frames. It will be better to consider one which can support your weight and you can easily carry it around physically.

· Wheel Size

Folding electric bikes have shorter, small wheels for easy portability. If you want comfort, stability, and more excellent traction, consider a foldable ebike with tires of significant width and diameter.

Are you ready to rock your folding electric bike?

You are only a few dollars away from getting one.

Contact us, and we will make your buying process stress-free!

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