What is the Fastest Way to Replace a Bicycle Chain in 15 Minutes?

What is the Fastest Way to Replace a Bicycle Chain in 15 Minutes?

Let's find out the fastest way to replace a bicycle chain in 15 minutes so that you can have a safe journey each day.

Did you know? You can easily replace your bike chain once it's ready to be recycled! 

Surprisingly, changing your bicycle chain isn't as difficult as you think! You can follow this article and replace a bicycle chain in 15 minutes. 

We will take you through a complete guide. So, before you change your bicycle chain, you need to ensure that it's ready to be replaced. You can purchase a chain checker, which helps evaluate the condition of your bicycle's chain. Once you are sure that the bicycle chain is damaged, you can immediately replace it for the best results.

Replacing your bicycle's chain!

Before you put your hands on your bicycle, you need to buy a chain compatible with your bicycle. You need to check the number of sprockets in your chain to buy a new one.

Steps to replace your bicycle's chain 

You can follow the following steps and replace your bicycle's chain within 15 minutes. Here is what you need to do!

Remove the chain!

Initially, you need to remove the bicycle chain and squeeze the chain from the link/joint so that it easily comes out. However, you can also compress the chain to remove it easily.

If the chain does not pop out at this point, you need to use a chain tool that will help to push out the pin. Now, twist the chain until it pops out.

Cleaning the cassette

Another important step to changing or replacing the chain is to clean the cassette, which will help to remove any rust and dust so that the replaced chain can move smoothly.

At this stage, you should ensure that all teeth of the bicycle are symmetrical so that you can get a seamless ride.

Once everything has been checked, you need to scrub off any particles to prepare your bicycle for the best. Scrubbing the cassette is an essential step, and you should carry it out at any cost. These small steps can make a huge difference in setting up the chain and getting a seamless and power-packed ride.

Let's head to the next step, threading the new chain.

Threading the chain 

In this step, you need to carefully thread the chain, use the front cage first, and then create a loop. Next, you need to pull that loop over the rear jockey. In this way, thread the chain into the jockey and ensure that the chain remains in between the plates.

Understanding the length of the chain

Once you have to thread the chain, you need to cut off the excess length of the chain. However, you need to clip together the smallest sprocket and chainring to give a sturdy and stable experience.

But, you need to ensure that the chain has a good length to move smoothly across the cassette. A small chain would cause excessive wear and tear.

Completing this step would require connecting the internal chain with the external chain. Always remember to check whether the chain is moving properly or not because cutting the chain beforehand would ruin it.

Cut precisely 

You need to grab the chain tool again and place the link between the jaws tool.

Now, you need to turn the handle until the pin aligns. Moreover, ensure that the tool is aligned properly to not break off.

Inserting the pin precisely!

In this step, you need to evaluate the point within the joining pin which came with the new chain. Now, push the pin into the chain, which will give perfect stability right away. Also, you should leave it and then check whether it stays in place or not.

Use the tool and remove the handle with a few turns.

Finally, clipping it all together!

You need to fix the clip into place and screw the handle down. Now, you can easily remove the chain tool.

That's it! 

Lastly, you need to check whether the link is moving freely or not. If the link moves freely, you are all set to enjoy riding your bicycle. However, if it's tight, you need to reattach the tool and loosen it to get a great ride.

Isn't this easy? You can simply follow this guide and change your chain in 15 minutes. We hope that the guide will be helpful and efficient for you. You do not have to wait to visit the bike shop because you can do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to bicycle's chain change!

How do you break a chain with the quick release?

One of the easiest ways to break a chain is to use pliers. The pliers would help to break the chain right away so that you can replace the bicycle chain easily.

How do you remove a bike chain without using the tool?

You can break a bike chain by using a hammer which would instantly break the chain.

What is the fastest bike chain?

You can also use the fastest bike chain to get a perfect ride. We recommend you to use the YBN SLA chain, which helps to deliver the fastest performance.

What is a quick chain link?

A quick chain link connects the outer chain link with the internal chain. You can also apply force to connect both ends and experience sturdiness.


This was a simple guide to replacing your bicycle's chain quickly, and trust us; you will not regret following this guide.

However, we would suggest changing your bicycle chain after checking the wear and tear so that you can replace the chain when it's actually needed.

Are you ready to change your bicycle chain right now? If yes, get started with these simple steps and change your bicycle chains even on Sunday! We believe that everyone can change their bicycle's chain using this guide.

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