7 Important Tips to Prepare Your Electric Bicycle for Spring

7 Important Tips to Prepare Your Electric Bicycle for Spring

As the weather is starting to warm up, riders and our staff alike are starting to plan the next eBike adventure! Before you head out, we highly recommend going through our 7-step process to make sure your electric bike is in tip-top shape and ready to ride. (We just post another related details about spring biking too.)

1 Wash your eBike

Washing your bike not only helps prolong the life of the components, but it is also an excellent opportunity to get to know your bike. Simply use a car wash mitt or sponge along with some bike wash cleaner to remove all the mud, dirt, and grime.

2 Check your chain

Check your chain for corrosion or any irregularities. Using a tool such as a chain checker will be good a idea to gauge when the chain needs to be replaced.

3 Check the brakes

Take a look at your rotors, brake pads, and brake levers for any irregularities. Brakes are one of the most important components on any bike and should not be ignored. They are critical to the safe operation of your bike. Take some time to check your brakes out and make sure that they have proper stopping power.

Pull the levers—they should engage the brakes with about a half inch gap between the lever and grip. If the lever touches the grip, the brake either needs adjustment or a part needs to be replaced, such as the pads. If the brake pads look like they’re wearing down, now is a good time to replace them.

Your bike may feature rim brakes, mechanical disc brakes, or hydraulic disc brakes, so proper maintenance will vary. Check your e-bike’s manual to see how to service your brakes. If you aren’t comfortable working on your bike, have an expert service the brakes.

But for those who know their way around a toolbox, servicing the brakes isn’t difficult. And if you own a Pedego bicycle, we made a video explaining how to replace pads and adjust the disc brakes, which can be seen below.

Lastly, tighten all fasteners. Check them all. Philips and hex head screws, nuts, and bolts should all be checked for tightness.

5 Check Your seat

Finally, you should look at the seat of your electric bicycle. There is a possibility that the bike seat of your vehicle has been adjusted while it was in storage. Here you will learn step by step how to check the seat of your electric bike.

Check the height - Sit on the bike and check that the seat is at the right height for a comfortable ride.
Check theinclination - Also check the inclination of the seat. You should ensure that you can be comfortable for a longer period of time.
Check the quality of the seat - Finally, it is a good time to check the overall quality of the seat. If your electric bicycle seat is old, now is a good time to get a replacement.
The bike seat is an often overlooked part of an electric bike. However, you want to make sure that you are comfortable and well positioned while riding. Take plenty of time to make sure your bike's saddle is well positioned and in top shape.

6 Fully charge your ride

When you're out there in the sun, you'll want to ride and ride and ride, and then ride some more. This becomes more tricky with an uncharged bike. Make sure your battery ports are dry and clean before connecting to your charger. And always make sure you have a secure connection from the charger to the battery port before you connect to the wall socket. When you're topping up your battery, make sure you charge it fully until the light is green. This means that no springtime excursions will be cut short due to you losing power. 

7 Pump your tires

Pump your tires to the recommended PSI printed on the sidewall and you're ready to go on your ride! Have fun and enjoy the adventures ahead. (How to pump tire easily)

As spring kicks in, why rush? It's worth trying out a lower speed setting on your bike for this kind of weather. It can be very relaxing to go a little slower and take everything in – so let the sunbeams hit your face, and enjoy riding for longer (slower rides mean more battery life!)

We hope this helps. Enjoy your springtime rides!

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