4 Useful E-bike Tools You Should Know

4 Useful E-bike Tools You Should Know

Modern electric bikes are great for their reliability. They often last longer and can handle being ridden on tougher trails. But that doesn’t mean they are immune from a breakdown. When an emergency does happen during a ride, you don’t want to end up stuck. That’s why we believe that it’s important to put together an e-bike repair kit and other necessary accessories before going out.

Depending on what issue you run into, it may be something that can be patched up quickly until you return home. Or it could end up being more serious. Either way, having a full kit of tools gives you the best chance to fix many problems well enough to get back to riding. To be ready to handle any challenge you may face, here are some essential bike tools to carry with you.

Repair Tool Kit

* Wrenches

Get a selection of wrenches that will fit all the major bolts on your bike. For size and weight, consider bringing an adjustable wrench. This is a good way to handle multiple bolt sizes without needing a lot of tools.

You will also likely need some Allen wrenches. These are very common in bike construction. Again, you can make your tool kit a little more convenient by bringing a set of Allen wrenches that are connected to each other rather than separate.

* Multi-Tool

A multi-tool such as a Swiss army knife can also be very useful. Many have small screwdrivers on them and some other helpful, small tools. Consider getting a multi-tool with a pair of pliers. Again, this can be helpful for the odd repairs in which you don’t have quite the right tool.

The aim of a road repair kit isn’t necessarily to fix the problem once and for all. Instead, your goal should be at least to get home.

* Tape

Tape has a million and one uses and should never be understated. There's no need to carry a whole roll, but you can stick a length or two to the inside of your bag and then peel off sections and use them as needed.

* Extra Cables

Electric bikes sometimes experience electrical failures. When this happens, it is almost always the result of a damaged cable. Carrying a few extra cables can help you to fix the problem on the road. Alternatively, you may be able to mend any broken wires using some electrical tape. Fortunately, a lot of e-bikes don’t need the motor to be working for them to move. So, in the worst-case scenarios, you can always pedal.

* Tire Repair

Flat tires are the bane of any cycling enthusiast’s existence, but you need to be prepared for them nonetheless. Even though e-bikes come with innovative battery systems to help you move faster, a flat tire is a flat tire, and it will significantly hinder your speed no matter what terrain you’re riding on.

Therefore, investing in a tire repair kit before you experience a flat tire will ensure that you’re prepared when it does happen. Also, once you repair or replace your tire, you will want to have a pump so that you can fill it back up with air. Learning how to extend the life of your tire tubes will help you avoid this occurrence from happening too often.

E-bike Air Pump

We spoke about how to inflate an ebike tire without a pump a few weeks ago, and whilst CO2 canisters are great for getting that tire pumped once your canisters are empty they’re empty. If you carry these you may want to carry a pump as a backup. Pumping may take more effort and a lot more time but a pump will never run out on you. That being said, make sure you have the correct fitting for the valve on your tire and that it can inflate to the pressure required for your tires.

E-bike Foldable Chain Lock

Don’t forget to protect your investment with a strong and durable lock. This Foldable Chain Lock is small enough to throw in your pocket or bag and pull out when you need to leave your e-bike unattended. Made from zinc alloy and steel, this lock has anti-cutting properties that make it difficult for a would-be thief to ride off with your bike. Never worry about leaving your e-bike outside a store or outside your work again.

It may seem like overkill to lock your bike up all the time, but e-bikes are very popular and criminals may have their eye out for any unlocked e-bike.

Extra Battery Charger

Carry your battery charger with you just in case you ever get close to running out of juice whilst you’re out and about. You could also carry an extra battery with you, and this might be good if you’re heading far out into the woods, but usually, just the charger will suffice.

Don’t forget, you can ride confidently knowing your HOVSCO Bike comes with a 1-year warranty, but you never know what might occur while you are out on the road that you will need to take care of yourself. In addition to e-bike tools, you might want to pick out a few accessories to make your life easier. Read our recent guide to bike bags to select the perfect bag with which to carry your supplies. Safe riding!

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