5 Easy Tips on How to Not Sweat while Riding To Work

5 Easy Tips on How to Not Sweat while Riding To Work

Sweating is normal and part of a healthy body. In fact, if you are in better shape you will sweat more. While sweating may not be a problem when you’re on a weekend ride with friends, there are times when you don’t want to sweat while riding a bike. For any bike commuters,  there were plenty of times when they did not want to show up to work hot, sweaty, and looking like a mess. The good news is that there are measures you can take to stop and prevent you from sweating while cycling.

Those are the basic 6 tips that you can take to get to work without sweating. In the rest of the article, I’ll expand on each one of these tips to help you do what it takes to get to work as sweat-free as possible.But let’s get a full understanding of getting wet while biking first.

Why Do I Sweat So Much When I Bike?

When cycling, you’re using muscles, which generates heat. As your internal temperature increases, the body produces sweat. It’s a natural cooling system to maintain a steady temperature. In fact, the fitter you are, the more you will sweat. People with higher fitness levels produce sweat at a lower core temperature. The body releases sweat over a longer time, which is more efficient and keeps you cooler as a result.

The following are considerate advice from our hovsco team

1. Wear the Right Clothing

Whatever you choose to wear when cycling to work, keep in mind that lighter, looser garments will let the air circulate around your body and keep you cooler. The clothes you wear will affect how much you sweat. You want to be wearing clothes that allow air to circulate and cool your body down. The heavier your clothes are, the warmer you will be. Cycling in jeans and a jacket will guarantee that you start sweating.

Here’s a pro tip: avoid wearing dark colors such as dark green or black as they will heat you up more than lighter colors.

2. Carry Stuff on Your Bike Not Your Back

If you really want to make sure that you don’t sweat while biking to work than you need to invest in panniers or a rack to carry your things. By wearing a backpack or messenger bag you are further insulating your body which will increase your body’s temperature. A backpack will cut off the air flow from your body and increase the likelihood of you sweating profusely. Unless you want to have a giant sweaty back than I can’t recommend enough to invest in panniers or a rack to hold your things.

3. Route Design

Most people can get to work on more than one route, and they find that there is a best option among the possible ones. Choosing the route that has the least amount of hills, traffic lights, stop signs and is least exposed to wind and the heat of the Sun can help you save energy and stay cooler on your ride. Besides, consider multiple routes for your trek to work. Besides, Choose the one that offers the most shade, away from traffic when possible. This will help you remain cooler on your way in to work. It will also help you avoid vehicles on the roads which radiate heat.

It’s recommended to be a little bit daring and explore the possible ways to work even if you like  the one you already use.

4. Wear a Sweat Prevention Headband

Wearing a sweat-wicking headband underneath your helmet is a trusted solution for keeping sweat out of the eyes while cycling. These headbands typically use fabrics such as nylon or polyester. Headbands can be ideal for cyclists who find skullcaps or helmet liners too tight or constrictive. Wearing a headband can give the scalp much more air to breathe.

Cyclists with thicker hair may find sweat prevention headbands more comfortable than skullcaps. Sweat prevention headbands can also come in handy for cyclists with sensory issues who prefer to avoid tight-fitting apparel. Halo is a widespread and trusted brand that makes these sweat-absorbing headbands similar to their skullcap design. The Halo Headband (available on Amazon.com) is an affordable, breathable, and soft active wear headband that won’t slip while deflecting sweat from your eyes while cycling. This product is made in the USA and the fabric contains silver ions that not only wick sweat but also eliminate odors.

This micro-mesh headband comes in various patterns and colors and is designed to direct sweat away from your face and eyes during physical activity.  It also protects you from UV Rays and fits comfortably beneath any helmet.

5. Get an E-Bike

The last option is to purchase an electric bike. If you’ve tried all of these options and you can’t stop sweating prior to work than perhaps it is time to invest in an e-bike. Electric bikes allow you an extra boost of energy to help you get up hills and propel you forward. An electric bike will require less energy and exertion from you which will keep your body temperature lower which will reduce the chance of you sweating.

If it’s in the budget an electric bike is not only a great method to cycle without sweating, but fun too! If you are interested in e-bikes and are considering to buying your first one, then I highly recommend our A5 Mountain Cruiser to you. Equipped with torque sensor and three assistance level , our e-bikes can provide you the most natural and wonderful riding experience! Since this kind of e-bikes are on sale in UK now, you can get one with a relatively lower price. In case of you don’t like a step-over version, we also have A5B City Hunter,which is a step-through version and is very friendly to female.


Sweating is normal and it’s a sign that your body auto-regulates its temperature and it’s doing a good job at it. You don’t control the sweat directly, but only certain factors that trigger sweat. Even if you do everything right, you may end up sweating some. On hot days it may be more while on cooler days it will be less. Those beads of sweat are a testimony that you are a true bike commuting hero.

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