Best 6 Tips about How to Get Fit on an E-bike in UK 2022

Best 6 Tips about How to Get Fit on an E-bike in UK 2022

Are electric bikes cheating? You might wonder if riding an e-bike can help you stay fit and feel healthy. After all, riding a bike with a motor certainly makes it easier, right? Believe it or not, study shows e-bike riders get more exercise than cyclists. In this passage, we are going to explore: are e-bikes really an useful way to keep health and what should riders do to promote fitness through riding e-bikes?

Can People Really Get Fitness by E-bikes?

We collected a great number of related studies online, and the answer is absolutely yes!

Research has shown that riding an electric bike is a less-intensive form of exercise than riding a non-powered bicycle, but it is still a great way to keep fit. You can lose fat while increasing cardiovascular exercise, improving cognitive function, getting better sleep, and building muscle. In addition, people ride their e-bikes farther and more frequently than they would a regular bike.

In one study, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder examined whether riding an e-bike could help physically inactive car commuters meet their daily fitness goals. Following one month of substituting using an electric bike for the car commute three times per week, at their own pace and intensity, researchers noted "increased aerobic capacity and improved blood sugar control".

A study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity looked at the health benefits of riding an electric bike. Electric bikes are found to provide moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. While higher than walking, it's lower than riding a traditional bicycle without an electric motor. Furthermore, they found "moderate" evidence that e-bike riding can increase cardio respiratory fitness in previously inactive individuals. 

Since there is various scientific evidence showing that cycling has many benefits for our health, what should we do? Is there a specific ready-made and effective method people can apply to their e-bike ride? Our hovsco team never let you down and here are 6 tips we’ve prepared for you.

6 Practical Tips on Keeping Fit by E-bikes


Tip 1. Remember what you are training for

Although it is effective to split your training into many short but hard sessions during the week, you should also ride similar distances to your event. In sports or long distance events, endurance rides are not to be neglected. As you train for an event that requires 60 to 100 miles, you should complete a ride that is about 90% of that distance at some point. You can build it up gradually over time," says Jonathan of BCA. If training for a longer event, try to do one longer ride a week.

Tip 2. Set realistic targets and take consideration of your time constraints

Your goals should be ambitious, but also achievable. It may be that you are not finding the time to ride the distance of your target event, so look for a new, more suitable challenge that fits your lifestyle. Criterium races, cyclocross races, track races, as well as 10-mile time trials, all call for less endurance training (the zone you have to do a lot of for improvements) and thus, training can be fitted into shorter free periods.

Tip 3. Practice a structured training plan

Wondering about what session you are going to do can waste a lot of time and often leads to not riding at all. Jonathan of BCA says that when you have a plan, you won't dither over what you're going to do as you'll already know what session it is when the time comes. You can make the most of the time you have available to you by following a structured training plan. Because you know exactly how long the session will be in advance, it is easier to schedule it into your schedule.

You should develop a realistic plan that takes into account all of your activities (such as cooking, cleaning, spending time with family, relaxing while watching a race, etc.), not just the free time you have outside of working hours.

Tip 4. Consistency is key

In addition to keeping you on track, a plan can also help you maintain consistency across several weeks at a time. If you don't overload yourself every week-so you have time to do your other chores and fun activities-you are less likely to end up in catch-up mode and miss sessions.

“Even if you only have 30 minutes you can still get a lot out of that by doing a high-intensity interval session,” Jonathan of BCA says. It’s better to fit in two 30-minute sessions every week than doing four one week, then none the next, as you can put more into each session if spread out.

Tip 5. Lean on a coach

Having a personal cycling coach takes away the burden of figuring out what to do and when. As a result, you'll have more time on the bike and it will be put to good use. Psychologically, it is also easier to get into a session that someone else has planned—you'll just get on with it.

Coaching plans are created weekly, fortnightly, or monthly based on your life schedule, how you responded to previous sessions, and where you are physically and mentally. It's a paid route, but one that's guaranteed to save you a lot of time and ensure the benefits of the time you set aside for bike riding. Coaches have different rates depending on how frequently and how much they contact you.

Tip 6. Maximize your recovery

To get the most out of your workout, you must get enough rest after your sessions as well as train regularly. Besides relaxing and getting enough sleep, there are some proactive steps you can take. Refueling and rehydrating your body is essential for promoting muscle repair and growth, and boosting your training adaptation.


It is definitely possible to get fit by riding an electric bike, but you must be consistent and push your limits.There isn’t a quick fix, once you start riding one you’ll need to keep on riding. And if there comes a time you feel confident enough to ‘go it alone’ and start riding a good old fashioned regular bike again, make sure you take it easy to start with.

The experience of riding an electric bike can be incredibly liberating. These bikes allow riders of all abilities to get back on two wheels without worrying about hills. You can use one to explore the countryside, commute or just get around from place to place. Another side effect of riding e-bikes is that you will also feel better about yourself if you ride an e-bike. You can't beat seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of the country to lift your spirits.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and buying an electric bike, I highly recommend our hovsco e-bikes to you. Our most powerful e-bikes A5 Mountain Cruiser and A5B City Hunter are on sale in UK now, so there's a good chance you can have a desired e-bike at a lower price .Thanks for reading and happy riding!

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