How to Extend Electric Bike Battery Life Via E-bike Charging and More?

How to Extend Electric Bike Battery Life Via E-bike Charging and More?

Do you want to know how to extend the Electric Bike Battery vai E-bile charging or other ways?

If yes, you are on the most helpful site.

Eco-friendly e-bikes are appropriate for exercise, commuting, and everything. Electric -bikes reduce your carbon footprint, are easy to park, and give you a great view of your surroundings. They also make fun in the city and on the trails. Most electric bike manufacturers use long-life lithium e-bike batteries that are compact and lightweight. The self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is low, approximately 5% per month. Mostly they are non-toxic and can be recycled.

Many people think to overcome the battery issues, but in this article, we teach you how you can extend the E-bike battery. Follow the below-given guidelines to boost your electric bicycle battery life and running time.

How to extend an e-bike's battery life in 2022?

1.Properly Charge Your E-Bike Batteries

    If you completely discharge a lithium battery, it reduces its ability to hold a charge and diminishes capacity. So the best way to keep a lithium battery charged. If you have to go only a few miles, plug it in after a ride. As soon as you should recharge your battery, If you do empty the entire charge on a battery.

    2.Fully Charge Battery Before First Ride

    When you bring a new e-bike, completely charge the battery before your first lift. If you want to go for an extended tour, you must fully charge because it may take four to eight hours.

    3.Create A Safe Charging Station

    You may have a risk of fire with all large lithium batteries. It's better to designate a safe place to charge your E-bike batteries. Outer or in the center of an empty garage floor are two good options but make sure the place is dry for safe charging.

    Never charge a battery if you think it's damaged or inside a building.

    4.Don't Regularly Fully Discharge Your Battery

      As mentioned before, you should not fully release your e-bike batteries on a routine. 0% discharging lithium-ion batteries may be harmful. External discharges and recharges are better. When your battery reaches 50%, top it off with a charge and use partial discharges with regular top-ups to extend battery life.

      If your battery fully discharges once in a while, don't worry. But, you need to charge it every few conveyances to avoid 100% discharge.

      5.Provide the Best Environment for Your Battery

      Avoid exposing your e-bike batteries to high heat, sub-freezing temperatures, water, humidity, and vibration. The better you provide the environment, the longer your battery performance.

      6.Prevent Extreme Temperatures

      Extreme cold or hot temperatures will hurt the performance of your bike or battery. If you want to extend your electric bicycle battery life, avoid high temperatures because Lithium batteries like cooler temperatures.  

      The recommended temperatures for storing your batteries are between 32-77℉. If the lithium powder inside the kit gets to heat, the battery cells lose electrical resistance. As a result, warmer temps make the battery discharge faster.

      Your battery will last longer with cooler temps. That's because the lithium powder increases resistance in colder conditions.

      7.Keep the Battery Dry

        Store your bike in a dry location to extend bicycle battery life. Humidity is not suitable for any electrical device. Make sure they are clean and dry. If you find corrosion, clear it with an emery cloth.

        8.Long-Term Bicycle Battery Storage

        If you won't use your E-bike for a few months and want to extend battery life, you should plan to store your bike batteries safely. A lithium battery will self-discharge or go flat when it's fully charged. Try to keep your battery with a charge between 40-80%.

        9.Don't Ever Open Your Bike Battery

          Do not try to examine or repair the bike battery yourself. The lithium powder in lithium-ion batteries is explosive, so be careful. It will explode in touch with oxygen. Contact a professional, If you think your battery is faulty.

          10.Get E-Battery Advice from the Experts

          You know proper e-bike battery maintenance and storage boost the lifespan of a quality battery. Appropriate lithium-ion battery care makes it stay around three to five years. If you need help choosing an e-bike battery, contact us for further detail.

          11.Avoid Quick Charging Or Discharging E-Bike Battery

            When you come back from a ride, you must cool the battery before charging. If you charge a heated battery, it will cause degrade quickly. Pausing battery charge until directly before use may develop battery degradation. So set your battery on charge and avoid quick spurts before use.

            12.Avoid Deep Discharges

              You should not fully discharge your battery daily. Discharging lithium-ion batteries to 0% can wreak to your battery. As a Li-ion battery has no memory, it can be charged when needed. So don't wait to get deep discharge when you feel just put it on charge.

              13.Avoid "fast charging."

                Avoid regular high-voltage DC charging provides DC power directly to the battery bypassing the onboard battery's conversion limitations, thus increasing charging speed. Sometimes it's ok for recharging during infrequent long-distance trips or for emergency charging needs.  

                14.Fit Your E-Bike With The Suitable Tires

                  Especially for eMTBs, Rolling opposition is significant to a battery charge and is affected by tire pressure, compound, and width. Higher tire pressures will promote less rolling resistance but can impact the rider's control of the e-bike.

                  15.Use The Right Mode

                    Your e-bicycles manual provides the best techniques for your e-bike. This will contain how to change your e-bike's modes for maximum battery efficiency and preserve your battery in the short and long term. 3. Minimize long periods at 100% charge

                    E-bike owners should avoid extended periods at maximum capacity every night. Most lithium-ion batteries last extended if you assess to about80%, rather than 100%. Work out your daily driving needs and use this to determine an optimal charge.

                    We hope. You will find plenty of tips and tricks to prolong your battery life in your user manual. If you want to get any information about E-bike to contact us freely.

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