How to Choose the Right E-bike Size

How to Choose the Right E-bike Size

One of the most important aspects of buying an electric bike is its size. Unsuitable sized bicycles can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and even dangerous. It's just not fun to ride a bike that's the wrong size. Electric bikes are big investments, and you should definitely treat them accordingly! Prior to purchasing a bicycle, it is important to know the correct size in order to maximize efficiency, use, and overall pleasure. The following information provides guidelines for sizing your electric bike correctly.(clink here to know more about choosing an e-bike)

It may be intimidating to size an e-bike, but with some basic measurements, you can figure out which bike is best for you. Here are steps to make sure you can ride that bike:

Manufacturers’ Size Guidelines

By following the bicycle manufacturer's guidelines, which often correlate height ranges with different bike sizes, you can easily determine what size bicycle you should purchase. In spite of this, as we've already mentioned, bicycle manufacturers do not have standard sizes. It is useful to have a general understanding of bike geometry since each will approach bike design differently.

The seat tube length of road bikes is often measured by manufacturers (or a nominal seat tube length that assumes the bike has a horizontal top tube, even if it doesn't) whereas mountain bikes are usually sized as S, M, L, etc. Some road bikes use that system, too. Confusing, eh? You'll understand that in our following chart.

Measure Your Height

  • measuring your leg length.
  • Calculating your standover height (leg length minus approximately 1 inch).
  • Making sure your standover height is longer than the bike's standover height and your leg length falls between the minimum and maximum seat height.

You can choose a bike that is approximately the right fit for you by knowing these three measurements. One of the few things you can't change about your bike is the frame. You can raise or lower the handlebars and seat, but that's about it.
Like shoe sizes, frame sizes can also vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, so make sure to check your manufacturer's own size guide before purchasing online.

In order to help you, we've put together a bike size chart to help you find your ideal frame size. Below is a typical bike size guide to help get you started.

As previously mentioned, this is a general chart; bike sizes will vary from bike to bike and from bike type to bike type. Therefore, you should always refer to the specific size guide provided on the product page for the bike you want.

Height (Centimetres & Feet) Inside Leg Road Bike Frame Size (CM) Mountain Bike Frame Size(CM)

What about E-bike Riders Who Fit in Between Two Sizes?

Most manufacturers offer recommended sizing for their e-bikes and for 95% of riders, these guidelines are fairly accurate. It will be more difficult for riders whose height puts them between two sizes, so they must decide whether to go up or down.

The best thing you can do if you find yourself in size limbo on your chosen bike is to size up - as long as the standover clearance is sufficient, this will help the bike's stability, climbing ability, and descending control. Our recommendation is for most riders, but sizing down can be an option if you prefer an agile and active ride. Because e-bikes are heavier, they are inherently stable, and riders may find that they are willing to sacrifice some of that stability for the maneuverability of a smaller frame. A smaller size may also be more comfortable for riders with shorter arms than legs or who prefer an upright riding position.

Extremely tall or very short riders will have no choice between sizes, they will have to buy the biggest or smallest e-bikes available to them. It sounds simple, but if the bike you want isn't available in your size, go find one that is! Be open to alternatives, as another brand or even model may have a much larger or smaller size depending on its geometry.

With stem spacers, you can raise or lower the handlebars to fine tune your fit once you've chosen your bike. When the e-bikes feels overstretched, the saddle can be moved forward. For taller riders, sliding the saddle too far back will slacken the effective seat angle and put more weight on the back wheel, making the steering light and reducing the bike's ability to climb steep slopes.

Final Thoughts

When you've taken all the measurements and adjusted them correctly, you're ready to ride! A professional can always assist you if you have any questions. Be sure to get the proper measurements, don't slack off! Although it takes some time and effort, it will be worth it in the long run when you bike more efficiently and enjoy the experience more. But if you intend to purchase our e-bikes , wondering what the right size for you. Please feel free to let hovsco team know! We'll try our best to ensure you can have the most superb riding experience!

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