Electric Bike Motors Explained

Electric Bike Motors Explained
In recent years, electric bikes have become increasingly popular, giving rise to an overwhelming array of customization features, not the least of which concerns the motor. The placing, composition and mounting style of your motor can alter the feel and performance of your bike — read on to learn how to determine which motor is right for you.

Types of Hub Motors: Geared vs. Direct Drive
Direct-drive motors are simpler. Motors are constructed more or less like an extension of wheel hubs, with the hub axle serving as the motor axle. Magnets surround the hub, with copper windings attached to the axle. Whenever an electric current passes through these components, the resulting magnetic field propels the wheel forward.

When the motor turns, it spins the wheel directly. The motor cannot run faster than the speed of the bike.

Geared motors are more complicated, but can be lighter and smaller. Geared motors operate like drivetrains, which have interconnected gears that can turn the wheel multiple times to accomplish the same task. It would turn into a zooming, bucking bronco of a bicycle within a heartbeat if a bike suddenly started rolling as fast as whirling gears. The gear composition allows the motor speed to remain high and efficient even as the bike rolls along at a leisurely pace.

Direct-Drive Motor Benefits
Noise reduction

Less torque

Geared Motor Benefits
Ease and efficiency

Geared Motor Drawbacks
Wear and tear

If you want to select the right bike for your needs, goals, and riding style, choosing the right setup is paramount, especially the motor that gives your machine its electronic life. There are pros and cons to each type of motor discussed above, and your choice will depend on what features you hope to maximize.

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