Easter Gift Ideas for Enthusiastic Electric Mountain Cyclist

Easter Gift Ideas for Enthusiastic Electric Mountain Cyclist

Whether you’re looking for Easter presents for cyclists, or Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Christmas, or birthday cycling gifts – this post should have something for everyone who loves to ride a bike - even if they already seem to own every cycling-related possession under the sun. Trust me, there’ll be at least a couple of things in this post that your cyclist definitely doesn’t own.

So, lets crack on. Here’s a pick of cool cycling gift ideas! (Our updated post about Everything You Need to Know about Frame Material of Electric Bikes is what you'd like to see.)


Hydration Pack

Instead of reaching down to grab your water bottle and risking losing your balance when you could just sip it from a tube by your shoulder? With this hydration pack, you can. It's got a 2L bladder, too, so you can drink for the whole ride.


Mountain Bike MTB Helmet

The most important piece of equipment a mountain biker can have after a mountain bike, of course, is a good helmet. This helmet has a strong PC shell, and the lined is high-quality EPS foam. The visor is detachable, making this helmet suitable for mountain biking and road cycling. The straps are adjustable, and the helmet is available in several colors.


Bicycle Shoes

Anyone who loves spending time on their bike would love a pair of these bicycle socks. Socks are basically the most important part of a cyclist’s wardrobe. They are the perfect gift for mountain bikers that you can give your beloved one.

After all there’s nothing better than wearing one of their favorite hobbies. Find some socks with super soft, comfy, silly and funky prints of bicycles on them. 

Knee pads

Another great choice for a perfect Eastern gift, especially for the elderly person, are the riding knee pads. They are a practical gift, and also contribute to their safety. The knee joints in elderly people can more easily suffer breaks and need a long time healing, so the knee pads are a protective option in the case of an accident. If you decide on this gift, choose light, flexible and soft knee pads. They will be comfortable for the knees and protect the knees well.


These padded cycling gloves minimize numbness and dampen road vibration when riding your mountain bike thanks to specialized 4-zone shock-absorbing pads, strategically placed throughout the palm. Back of the hand is stretchable, it features secure hook and loop closure to adjust to your wrist and enhances flexibility and sensitivity.

Smart Watch

The smartwatch today is a great necessity. And for the mountain cycler, it will be an addition that they will not want to part. The smart has lots of options like monitoring the body data and the cycling data while riding, like heart rate, speed, distance, and other data. It will show the physical condition and the record of riding level. It is a trendy, fashionable, and modern gift. As for the price, the market today offers lots of different smartwatches. The best options are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and many others with different price ranges.


Sunglasses can take a beating when you’re in the backcountry on the bike. They’re also dialed for trail riding, starting with those oversize lenses that enhance clarity so you see more detail and hydrophilic nose pads that stick like glue, even when you’re sweating heavily. Auto-lock hinges help keep the shades tight against your dome on bumpy trails, too. Besides, they will protect you from 99% of harmful UV rays.

Bike Cleaning Tool Kit

Cleaning anything can be a bummer, but cleaning alse makes it last longer. Your bike will be around forever when you start scrubbing it down with this tool kit. There are myriad brushes that reach every nook and cranny and scrub away even the toughest dirt.

Repair Kit

This all-in-one bicycle repair kit includes a multi-tool, tire levers, and other items to help repair common mountain bike issues. There are also detailed, step-by-step instructions, and the whole kit is small enough to fit in a jersey pocket.

Mountain Bike Shirt //Moisture Wicking Cycling Set

If you’re looking for gift ideas for mountain bikers, you can never go wrong with cycling kit because they can never have too much! The most important qualities are durability and breathability; wet, sweaty clothes can be dangerous in cold temperatures. This set makes a great gift. Made of high-quality polyester, it’s durable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable. The jersey has three rear pockets that are perfect for storing water bottles, snacks, and a multi-tool. So why not give this pretty to your cyclist as a gift on special occasions like birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc? That would make the receiver grateful so much when wearing it.


These are just some of the trendiest and most popular options that will make Easter shopping much easier. The beauty of the gift is seen through the dedication and the perfect choice. So, for the enthusiastic cyclers, finding a gift that will be practical and useful to them will be a total hit and top-notch. All of these gifts come with different prices and are in different price groups range, so it is up to you to find what will suit your rider gift recipient the best and make them happy and satisfied. With a good gift, you will feel happy, and the cycler will be happy too. (You wanna get more useful knowledge, look here HOVSCO.) 

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