How to Protect Yourself Against Electric Bicycle Theft

How to Protect Yourself Against Electric Bicycle Theft

Bikes, and especially electric bikes, have increased considerably in recent years. And when the number of electric bicycles increases, so does the number of bike thieves. Statistics show that nearly 400,000 bicycles are stolen in France every year; that's nearly 1,000 per day and one bicycle per minute!

Whether a novice or an experienced rider, every cyclist is therefore at risk of being confronted with this scourge. However, having good reflexes makes it possible to reduce this risk significantly. It is, therefore, not inevitable. Here are a few basics to keep your electric bike security.


1. Always remember to tie up your ebike

This may seem obvious, but some people don't tie up their electric bicycles during shortstops. But it is essential to always secure your e bike, even for a few minutes, even in broad daylight, even in busy places, or indoors. After all, it only takes about ten seconds for a e bike theft to occur. This also applies to the home. Almost half of all thefts occur in the halls of buildings, in closed private rooms, or common areas.

Although it may seem restrictive, this reflex can drastically reduce the chances of electric bikes disappearing.


2. Choose a Locking Method for Maximum Destruction

You should ensure that you lock your electric bicycle in a manner that someone has to damage it first to remove it from its lock.

When locking your bike, pick an object or structure that is much stronger than both your bicycle and lock. Some good examples include solid metal posts, concrete barriers, streetlights, and parking meters. Never lock it on fragile objects such as a wooden post, chain link fence, or a tree that is thinner than your arms. The more difficult stealing an ebike is, the higher chance that the bike thief will eventually give up and move on.

3. Park your e-bike in the right place
A simple contribution to the theft protection of e-bikes is often ignored: The choice of the right location.

But it actually makes sense: there are places where the risk of someone stealing your valuable e-bike is higher and vice versa. That is why it is important to choose “parking spots” for expensive pedelecs carefully.

What makes a secure place?

Use the following criteria as a guide where you can leave your bike:

Busy places are generally better for parking a valuable bike or pedelec. Even experienced thieves are reluctant to tamper with a bike lock in public or to carry an e-bike into a delivery van in full view of passers-by. Locks with an alarm system are also more likely to serve their purpose in busy places than in a deserted area. At least if passers-by are not so jaded that they no longer react to an alarm siren. Unfortunately, this danger is high in metropolitan areas.

Places with video surveillance, for example in front of entrances, are very well suited for parking. So take a look around to see if you can see a camera and park your bike nearby.

Lighting also plays a role. After all, it is not a cliché that criminals feel safer in the dark. If an e-bike is parked in the evening in a well-lit cone of a street lamp, with a bit of luck this will act as a deterrent.

Park your bike in different places. Because a bicycle thief also plans his deeds and you make it easier for them to plan if your e-bike is always parked in the same place. Of course, this does not apply to the locked bicycle cellar. This brings us to the next point.

Your e-bike is safer in a locked bike cellar than outside in a dark corner. Especially at night, do not leave your pedelec unattended outside. If you visit friends who have a bike cellar, ask them if you can store your bike there.

4. Be Creative with Your Defenses

You may consider putting a fake GPS tracking sign on your ebike. You can download a logo from the internet, print it on sticker paper, and put it on a noticeable part of the bike. So when a potential thief spots it on your ebike, they may be fooled into having second thoughts about stealing it.

But then, you can also use an actual GPS tracking device for security. It’s a good option if you’re up for the extra investment.

5. Insuring your electric bicycle

Of course, insurance will not protect you against the theft of your e bike, but if it happens, you can be compensated.

In general, your comprehensive home insurance policy covers burglary at your home or in the outbuildings (cellar, garage, etc.). Look carefully at the clauses in the event of theft in your garden. Only a specific insurance policy can compensate you for thefts outside your home. Taking out insurance is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended. In addition to theft, your insurance can cover the risk of breakage and material and physical damage that you may cause or suffer in the event of an accident.


An electric bicycle is a fantastic invention that makes transportation easier for a lot of people. But they are an investment, so it's essential to find ways to protect them from being stolen. We hope these tips can help you protect your ebike! If you’re looking to buy an electric mountain bike, Hovsco Bikes has tons of amazing options for everyone! 

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