Choosing Your E-Bike: A Complete Guide to E-Bike Geometry

ebike geometry

Geometry plays a key role in determining how an electric bike handles, feels, and is comfortable to ride. It's almost as important as the striking looks an e-bike can have.

General Anatomy of an E-bike

Measurements are essential, so here's a chart for you to relate to the most common vital areas of an E-bike.

A - Top Tube

B - Head Tube

C - Seat Stay

D - Seat Tube

E - Down Tube

F - Fork

G - Rear drop out

H - Chain Stay

I - Centre of Bottom Bracket

J - Front drop out

Stack and Reach

Stack and Reach are the two measurements you need to know. These two measurements instantly help you determine which electric bikes will work best for you.

Stack is the vertical distance from the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube. This indicates how tall the frame is. In comparison with race-oriented bikes, endurance road bikes will have a larger stack.

Reach is the horizontal distance from the bottom bracket to the top center of the head tube. This indicates how long the frame is.


Now that the information is flowing through your head. Why not take the time to appreciate and test out your newly learned skills on our HOVSCO E-bikes. If you're currently looking for an E-bike for commuting, it's the best possible way to start.


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