Why choose an Electric Bike? Hovsco's Top 5 reasons why.

Why choose an Electric Bike? Hovsco's Top 5 reasons why.
A leading example of innovation, electric bikes, is taking the world by storm, and there are several simple reasons.

Assisted Biking
Fueled by a battery, electric bikes have a function named "pedal-assist." The motor powers the wheels forward as you pedal, giving you a big boost in speed. This energy exchange reduces the strain needed from you, which helps save your knees and thighs for the walk later.

Fast, Flexible, and Convenient
A little effort goes a long way. With the electric bike's invention, you'll now have the extra energy to tackle miles and miles with minimal effort. Take advantage of multi-purpose cycle lanes to slash your commute time. You'll spend less time in traffic and pay less for parking than you would if you were to drive.

Fitness Suitable for Anyone
Riding a bike is as good as physical exercise as compared to anything else. Why would you see stationary bicycles being hoarded in the gym anyway? A study by scientists at the University of Basel in Switzerland concluded that riding an E-bike is just as good for exercise as riding a regular bike. Even though backed by pedal assist, it's undeniable that exercise is exercise and stands great for your health.

Climate change and global warming have a huge impact on our planet, and we contribute more and more every day. Trying to cut down on this impact may prove unfavorable to many, as daily necessities like travel are affected. Electric bikes emit lower pollution per kilometer than motorcycles and cars. Given the same distance, 100 electric bikes emit the same amount of CO2 as one vehicle. Do the math.

Amazingly Fun to Ride
Trust us on this one. It's like learning to ride a bike for the first time, only without the falling and scraping of knees. Once you engage the pedal, be prepared to propel so far that you forgot to pedal again.

In summary, electric bikes are the future of short-distance transportation. They're here to stay for long as well. Due to the numerous benefits offered by e-bikes, people regardless of their travel needs are likely to take the plunge. Opportunely, Hovsco has developed two types of bikes, A5 EMTB and A5B CITY, for different requirements.

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