When You Should Replace the Battery of the E-bike

When You Should Replace the Battery of the E-bike

You may have difficulty deciding whether or not your electric bike batteries need to be replaced. Taking it to a repair shop allows them to run a series of tests to determine whether or not your e-bike batteries are functioning correctly.

Some signs of deteriorating battery life include loss of mileage, slow or failed charging, external damage to the battery, etc. A battery replacement is necessary if your electric bike battery has any of these problems. Let’s discuss these indicators one by one.


1 End of Lifecycle


An electric bike battery typically lasts three to five years. This largely depends on how well it is taken care of. For example, batteries will last longer if they are kept dry and away from temperature fluctuations. If your battery becomes less efficient as it ages, it needs to be replaced.


2 External Damage


If you travel over rough terrain, your e-bike battery may be externally damaged. Falling of the electric bike can also result in some physical damage to the battery case or shorted cables. The battery of your electric bike should be replaced if it has been physically damaged. 


3 Failure to Charge


A battery replacement may be necessary if your electric bike battery can't hold a charge or doesn't charge properly. Suppose that an electric bike battery is completely discharged and not charged for a couple of days. It is possible that your electric bike battery may be dead. A bike shop can examine it, but if the battery is dead, there is nothing they can do.


4 Reduced Range


One of the most common complaints by electric bike riders is the short battery life offered by their bikes. Batteries have a limited lifespan and may need to be replaced when they are no longer able to provide the user with an adequate range. When you find yourself constantly checking and monitoring your battery, you should get a new battery that offers better range.


5 Swollen Battery


Battery swelling is caused by incomplete chemical reactions that result in the creation of a gas. The gas fills the battery, causing it to swell. Furthermore, batteries can swell if their internal layers fail to separate chemicals and components properly. Leaving your bike to operate with a swollen battery can lead to serious problems. Replace it as soon as it swells.


6 Hot Battery

Electric bike batteries might heat up or become hot for several reasons. It might be caused by an external short circuit. If the battery is stored near other metallic items, the items may act as an electrical bridge between its negative and positive poles. Batteries can also swell when they are internally shocked. This can be caused by a sudden fall. The battery generates high current which results in high temperatures. Replace your battery once it starts to heat up.


7 Corrosion

Batteries containing sulfuric acid release hydrogen gas. The gas then mixes with other elements around the battery, resulting in corrosion. Overcharging and undercharging could also lead to battery corrosion. It may be necessary to scrub off the rust with a toothbrush and baking soda solution. If this doesn't work, your battery may have outlived its purpose and needs to be replaced.


8  Bad Smell

A battery may smell if it's been overcharged, frozen, or shorted internally. The smell is often described as rotten egg-like. This is common for batteries that use a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. You need to check the sulfuric acid on your electric bike since it could damage other parts. In severe cases, it can produce smoke.


When changing the battery of your E-bike, it is important to use the same type. A different type of E-bike might cause malfunctions if you select it differently from the original.  It is stated on the battery itself what type and model it is, so make sure to get the same one. Then, you can restore your E-bike to its full functionality, and make it ready for your future rides. If you decide to change the battery yourself, be sure to have the right tools and equipment. Otherwise, leave it to a professional.

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