Dangerous and Risky Modifications to Your E-bike

Dangerous and Risky Modifications to Your E-bike

Whether you're riding a brand-new eBike or have been riding it for years, you'll eventually want to customize it for an even more enjoyable ride. However, if you're a relatively new or inexperienced biker, you might not even know which parts you can easily replace. And even aren’t clear about the risks and dangers you're exposing yourselves to by modifing an e-bike, or the harsh consequences they may face.
In this post, we’ll tell you what to think about when proceeding to ebike modifications.


Speed Limit Modifications


Every country has its own laws governing electric bike speeds. For example, the maximum speed limit of electric bikes in USA is 20 mph. As required by law, bike manufacturers installed speed limiters. This makes electric bikes legal and compliant with the law. However, a growing number of people are modifying their e-bikes to exceed those speeds, effectively making them "illegal motorbikes". In this case, the motor will work at a higher power than normal, and the battery will need to supply a large current, which may burn the wires or deteriorate the battery. Further, you may be liable for severe monetary and legal fines if you cause or are involved in an accident. As a result, we do not recommend replacing your battery or motor on your own in case of an unplanned accident.


Battery or Motor Modifications


In order to change the speed, or simply to save money when replacing parts, you may be tempted to modify the battery or motor of your e-bike. Doing so poses a large safety hazard. Charge and discharge systems from the original factory may not be suitable for batteries with greater capacity than what came with your bike. In such a case, the battery will easily overheat, reducing its lifespan and increasing the risk of fire.

The operation of a bike with multiple batteries and motors may also wear out the gear systems, brakes, and tires. Tuning your battery or motor may also require additional insurance or avoiding certain bike paths due to your bike's power. It is therefore not recommended to replace your battery or motor by yourself in case an unexpected accident occurs.

Illegal Modifications



It is no stranger to interesting and creative bicycle additions in some countries or states. However, the law focuses mainly on the electrical aspects and speed of bikes. By modifying a bike, it will change its classification, which in turn will subject the bike to different, more strict laws. For example, according to the size and horsepower of the motor, your bike may be classified as a moped or a motorcycle. It is important to understand the laws surrounding bicycle modification because the bicycle law requires you to have insurance if your vehicle is considered a motorcycle, but not if it is merely a bike with a small engine.

If you're unsure whether a modification is illegal or not, err on the side of caution and do not make the change. In this way, you will feel safe, healthy, and happy knowing you are not at risk. Besides, there are many legal measures you can take to customize your bike.


Modifications May Void Your Warranty


The motor suppliers are making their systems smarter and smarter. Some systems will detect when an electric drive system may have been tampered with. This places additional strain on your drive system and voids your warranty - a potentially expensive move. For this reason, we do not recommend any modification of your e-bike.

We know that bike riders love their bikes and enjoy riding them in a variety of situations. We fully support safe riding habits and proper maintenance or repairs of all our bikes. Regardless, manipulating the speed limit, motor, or battery of an e-bike may void the warranty and put you at risk of financial or legal trouble. To avoid those issues entirely, only use authorized parts and repair shops to work on your e-bike and avoid illegal tuning. Happy riding!

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