Safety Checklist for E-Bikes: Everything You Need to Know

Safety Checklist for E-Bikes: Everything You Need to Know
Electric bikes' popularity continues to grow every day. There are a lot of new riders joining the phenomenon, making safety a priority. Getting a new electric bike is a great opportunity to assess your riding skills, regardless of whether you haven't ridden for a few years or are an intermediate rider. Electric bike riders should also know how to perform a proper bike inspection every time they ride.

General Electric Bike Road Safety Tips
1. Wear a Helmet
2. Make yourself visible and audible
3. Check Your Feet
4. Mount and dismount with caution
5. Use Mirrors
6. Watch Your Speed and Braking

Pre-Ride Checklist
1. Wheel Check
2. Gear Check
3. Tech Check

For Safe Riding
So, are electric bikes safe? The answer depends on how you ride a bicycle. If you follow safety guidelines, wear a helmet, and follow all laws of the road in your state, riding an e-bike can be just as safe as riding a bike.

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