How to Maintain an Electric Bike

How to Maintain an Electric Bike

There are many benefits to riding an e-bike, including commuting and leisure cycling. More and more people are taking advantage of these benefits.
The better maintained the bike, the safer and more enjoyable it will be to ride, as well as ensuring that the components will last longer. This is particularly important since e-bikes generally represent a significant investment, even though prices are dropping.

How to wash an electric bike

It is important to keep your bike clean to improve its efficiency and lifespan, but let's take a closer look at how to wash an electric bike.

Battery and motors on e-bikes are sealed units, so they shouldn't allow water in, but you shouldn't wash any bicycle with a powerful jet wash because the water's force could force its way through the bike's many seals. Using water from a bucket or low-pressure hose, a brush, and (optionally) a bike-specific cleaning product, you can easily remove dirt and grime from your e-bike.

The e-bike system should be turned off before you wash it (and ensure it is not charging). Leave the battery in its housing to keep all connections sealed. You should clean any dirt that has accumulated inside your charging ports with a dry cloth or brush. When washing your bike, keep the charging ports closed. When you're done cleaning the bike, dry it off with a clean cloth, being careful not to get any cleaning products on the disc brakes (you don't want them to become contaminated).

The battery contacts may need to be cleaned every now and then. A soft, dry brush, a cloth, and (optionally) switch lubricant can be used to clean your switch. In the case of a life-extender battery (an optional second battery that can be connected for longer rides), you should always remove it before cleaning and clean the connections with a soft, dry brush. E-bikes may have speed sensors built into their wheels. Ensure that these are clean to avoid problems.

Waterproofing and repairs

In order to prevent damage from water, the battery and motor of an e-bike are well sealed. Water can still get in, but if you take some common sense and care, you won't have to worry. Jet washing and completely submerging an electric bike are things to avoid with these bikes. We won't be jumping into lakes then! Motors are factory-sealed and you should never try to remove them for maintenance or troubleshooting. Visit the store where you bought the bike or take the bike to a dealer if there seems to be something wrong with the motor or system.

How to extend the range of your e-bike battery

Would you like your battery to last longer during a ride? Find out what you can do to make your electric bike last longer.
  • Cadence - a cadence that exceeds 50 revolutions per minute is more battery-efficient than a cadence that is lower
  • Weight – reduce the load on your bike, increased weight will put a greater strain on your battery
  • Ride efficiently – reduce the amount you brake or stop
  • Tyre pressure – like a regular bike, optimise tyre pressure to balance grip, comfort and rolling resistance
  • Technology – some e-bike computers will tell you how much battery power you are consuming, so you can adapt your riding style accordingly
  • Temperature – riding in cold conditions will place more strain on a battery and reduce range as a result

3 Tips about electric bike battery 

To enable your e-bike have a better performance and long endurance, we prepared three important tips about it.

Keep your battery charged and stored in the house

A cold shed or garage can adversely affect the performance and charging of li-ion batteries since they are temperamental in cold temperatures. Rather than leaving it in a place with fluctuating temperatures for months on end, remove the battery after each ride and store it somewhere temperature neutral. You can use a cupboard!

Try to reduce the number of charges

It is known as a 'cycle' to fully discharge a battery then fully recharge it again. A battery that goes through too many cycles will lose its efficiency. Making batteries last longer than their manufacturers' recommendations is as simple as charging them less. You can do this by using your own power as much as possible

While you'll want to use your electric bike's motor at every opportunity, the best way to prolong the battery life is to use the bike less. While it may seem counter-intuitive, using assisted pedaling less means your battery will last longer, and therefore, you will have to charge it less. Rather than using assisted cycling on flat terrain where it is not needed, use pedal power until you encounter steep hills.

Electric bike batteries should never be dismantled

Always leave battery repairs to the professionals, as batteries can contain harmful substances and even electric shocks. Take care to secure the battery in place when reconnecting the electric bike. You might notice that your e-bike isn't performing as it should if you have loose connection points.

Pay attention to the tyres

The flints will be forced further into the e-bikes as they are heavier and will be able to cover greater distances than an ordinary bike. You don't want to get a puncture, so it's best to get these out before they penetrate further. In addition, keeping the tyre pressure high plays a large role in preventing punctures and cracks in the sidewalls. The pressure in a bike tyre needs to be topped up more often than that of a car tyre. If possible, get a floor pump that has a pressure gauge, as pumping takes less effort and many have a gauge that makes it easier to control the pressure.


You should lubricate the moving parts of the bike, such as the chain and brake, in order to keep them in good working condition. Nevertheless, you should use a special cleaning solution to remove any dirt or mud on the chain before applying the lubricant. If you regularly use your electric bike, you should do this at least once a week.

How to maintain your electric bike motor

The motor on an electric bike is enclosed in a sealed unit so you don't need to do anything to maintain it. Watch the casing for wear, tear, and damage, and be careful not to get water into the motor when cleaning the e-bike. If the motor suddenly stops working or the display displays an error code, try removing the battery and replacing it. The motor system of most e-bikes resets when the battery is removed and reinstalled - so it should be easy for a simple 'turn it off and on again' approach to resolve most motor issues. You should contact the manufacturer or a bike shop if issues persist. You shouldn't attempt to tinker with the motor's housing yourself.


Keeping your electric bike maintained will keep you from having a serious accident and keep you from spending a lot on replacements down the road. You can perform these quick and easy maintenance items yourself, or you can take your bike to an electric bike dealer who can help you have a better riding experience and extend the life of your electric bike.

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