Fitness Tips: How to Prevent Hip (Butt) Pain While Cycling

Fitness Tips: How to Prevent Hip (Butt) Pain While Cycling

Today we will talk about sore butts in cycling since they are one of the most common and frustrating problems that cyclists face. Pedaling is often thought to be a leg-only activity, but in fact it begins with the glutes before the thighs take charge. The focus shifts to the hip-flexors, which are responsible for bringing the knee back up to complete the pedal cycle. Hips are thus essential for efficient pedaling.

There are several tips you can use to prevent hip pain while riding an E-bike. While riding an E-bike, keeping your hips open and flexible can help prevent hip problems. Practicing these exercises at home will help you keep your hips supple and free of pain.


Tip 1 Wear bike shorts


Good quality, well-fitted bike shorts with chamois or gel liners are essential. You'll need two pairs if you ride multiple days. In this way, you will always have a pair of clean and dry pair. Pads may be foam chamois or gel. Thicknesses vary widely. It works by reducing the pressure between your ischium bone (your sit bones) and the saddle. It is designed to be gender-specific.


Tip 2 Saddle not too high and not too low


You are at risk of developing hip pain if you don't pay close attention to seat height. Improper seat posts can cause excessive motion, causing undue strain on the spine and pelvis. When the seat post is improperly adjusted, it can cause snapping hip syndrome, causing a clicking sound in the hips. Consult your doctor or physiotherapist for a better fit.


Tip 3 Use special cream as needed

There are also anti-irritation creams available on the market, creams that can be found almost anywhere there is a bike shop. They are extremely effective. The only disadvantage is that you still need to put them on and let them work before getting on your bike. 


Tip 4 Stay dry


Moisture weakens your skin and makes it more prone to irritation. You can apply chamois cream before cycling if there is no other option. Also, be sure your bike has good, wrap-around fenders so that water does not splash up at you.


Tip 5 Train your butt!


Time spent in the saddle will prepare your butt for more time spent in the saddle. When you haven't been on your bike for weeks, don't take off on a long-distance ride no matter how fit you are. Your body will be fine, but your butt will not be.

The comfort of your saddle will greatly depend on several factors. From e-bike tire pressure to the condition of the road and the choice of the coating of your saddle.

In order to choose the right saddle that will accompany you on long rides, it is best to visit a bike shop, take your e-bike with you, and ask for professional advice.

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