How To Securely Lock Up Your Ebike

How To Securely Lock Up Your Ebike
The issue of bike security (and e-bike theft's prevalence) is often a deterrent for some people when considering buying an electric bike. Electric bicycles are no small investment, which makes a stolen bike even more painful. However, there are a number of ways to keep your new e-bike safe and secure! Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent e-bike theft and what to do if your e-bike does get stolen.

E-bikes cannot be stolen if you use a lock. This is a misconception. Sadly, that’s not the truth. Locks, like alarms, are just a deterrent. Using an alarm to scare off the baddies is a great idea, but it should be paired with a lock.

There is no such thing as an unbreakable lock. Bolt cutters or a portable angle grinder will make quick work of the most expensive locks. So, what is the difference between a cheaper cable lock and a more expensive bike lock such as a chain lock or folding lock? When a lock is simply going to be cut through, why use it at all?

Always park your e-bike in well-populated areas and use common sense. Use a bike rack if there is one around. Keeping your bike hidden or covered will give a thief plenty of time to pick your lock. Whenever possible, bring your e-bike inside with you for ultimate theft protection.

Avoid the dark! You should only park in well-lit areas, and you should avoid, or at least minimize, leaving your bike out at night. If you cannot bring your bike inside, ensure that the battery is protected against theft by unlocking the lock mechanism, then take it inside with you. Your battery is the most valuable part of your model - Protect your Power!

E Bike insurance is a fairly new concept, but a very good idea. A theft and accident supplemental insurance policy can help you protect your electric bike. Many people assume that bike theft will be covered under their homeowner's insurance policy but most insurance companies now have separate policies. In most cases, your policy will only cover theft from your house since your motor will automatically classify it as a vehicle.

I hope these tips will prevent a tragedy and protect your new investment. Just like your car, the only person 100% responsible for the security of your vehicle is you. Make sure your bike is insured, registered, and locked. Your model can only be protected by you, and the choices you make before locking up are what will get you back on the road sooner.

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