How Far Can Electric Bikes Go on a Single Charge?

How Far Can Electric Bikes Go on a Single Charge?

E-bikes offer a number of benefits, including reducing your carbon footprint, saving you money on gas and parking, and getting you to work faster. You might be concerned about how far you can ride an electric bicycle before it runs out of battery power. After all, you don’t want to get stuck miles from home with a heavy e-bike!

In general, an e-bike can go between 15 to 100 miles (24 to 160 km) on one charge, depending upon the battery’s power and capacity as well as your riding style. When considering the range of your e-bike, you should think about how much you are pedaling versus using the throttle. You’ll get the longest range while pedaling, but you’ll get the minimum range if only using throttle.

In this article, we'll discuss how pedaling and other factors affect the range of an e-bike. 


The number of miles you can cover on an electric bike depends on several different characteristics. Range is there for a reason, just like miles per gallon in a car - there's no guaranteed number of miles or number of hours you can ride each charge.

Some of the factors that influence how far your electric bike can go are:

- How hard you are pedaling and at what speed you are going
- The level of assistance you are using (if any);
- How much you weigh and if you carry extra luggage;
- How many times you stop and start;
- If you must face constant hills or flat terrains;
- The tire’s pressure (soft tires are always less efficient);
- How heavy the e-bike’s motor and battery are.
- The type of battery you are using;

Battery size

Batteries for electric bikes are usually measured in amp-hours. To understand an e-bike's range, we should look at watt-hours. Watts are calculated by multiplying voltage and capacity. With a single charge, your electric bike can cover a certain number of kilometers per hour. Voltage (power) tells you how much power the bike has and amperage (capacity) tells you how far it can go. So if we multiply the voltage by amperage, we have the watts, which basically tell us how many kilometers per hour our e-bike can ride with just one charge.

Weight of your e-bike

Weight is another important factor to be considered. When you ride an e-bike, you already weigh enough. So, if you ride around the city and you do not have the time to recharge the battery, then, it is best to avoid carrying heavy luggage.
The battery and the motor already weigh a lot and the additional luggage will
only drain the battery faster. It is the simple law of physics – the more weight
you carry, the slower you will move.

Pedal capability

Pedaling capacity varies among electric bike classes. You may use your own power in combination with the power coming from the battery if you have a model that you can pedal, such as a pedal-assist bike. If you're relying solely on power from the battery, it might run out quicker.


The power of the e-bike is directly connected to the size of the battery. A bigger battery gives more power to the e-bike, and with that, one charge can take you further. Power is about acceleration, and for the e-bike, the units of electrical power are watt-hours. Generally, it makes sense to get an electric bike with, at least, 200 watts-hs. (The artile about E-bike Lithium Batteries will be seen here.)

These are a few more traits of your bike that can affect the range. Like with a
car, there is no specific answer on how many miles or the amount of time you can ride with one charge. While you're out, it's important to keep track of your time or miles spent so you don't run out of juice at the wrong time.


It does not matter what purpose the e-bike is used for, the distance it can go on a full battery charge is determined in part by the components on the e-bike, in part by the rider/cargo, and in part by the weather conditions.

How far can an electric bike go? As far as you wish as long as you’re creative! A range calculator will give you an accurate range estimation, an extra battery can be purchased, and even a solar panel charger for charging outdoors - you'll be unstoppable. There's no doubt that you will never again wonder where to charge an electric bike. Another thing that we’re sure about is that you’ll never wonder how much does electric bike costs as long as you get help from a financing plan!

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