Electric Scooter V.S. Electric Bicycle - Which One is Proper for You?

Electric Scooter V.S. Electric Bicycle - Which One is Proper for You?
What is an Electric Scooter?
In an electric scooter, the deck is a platform that you stand on. Hand bars are used to steer the scooter in any direction, and two wheels move the scooter. Of course, an electric scooter is propelled by a battery-powered motor.

● Convenience
● Portability
● Manoeuvrability
● Theft-resistant

● Balancing challenges
● Lower battery capacity

What is an Electric Bicycle?
As its name implies, an electric bicycle uses electricity to power it. Sounds basic, right? Battery-powered motors have been added to make the bicycle propulsion easier.

● Comfort
● Suspension
● Large wheel size
● Bike seat
● Safety
● Long battery life
● Keep health (Pedal assist)
● Carriage

● Heavy

Factors to choose
● Comfort
● Portability
● Exercise requirement
● Pricing
● Legality and Safety
● Speed

So, there you have it! Electric scooters and electric bikes are best suited to different purposes, so make sure you know what you want out of the vehicle first.

Therefore, an electric scooter is your best choice if you need a vehicle that allows you to ride without any stress. Alternatively, an electric bike would be better if you are trying to exercise more.

Have fun as you ride through life's journey!

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