Electric Bike Laws 2022 in the UK

Electric Bike Laws 2022 in the UK

Residents in the UK who have switched to using e-bikes as a mode of transportation have experienced a dramatic change in commutes. Electric bike has opened the doors of easy traveling and traffic-free routes to people of all ages. The option to use an electrical assist while bicycling allows you to travel uphill without the added physical stress.

Evidently, the average person who uses an E-bike can travel much further on their average journey. In addition, electric bikes raise a lot of questions regarding their legality, licensing, taxes, and insurance, among other factors. Many still believe that electric bikes are illegal in the UK.

UK Laws on Electric Bikes

According to the UK government’s websites, it is permissible to ride an E-bike as long as you are 14 years of age or older and as long as the electric bike complies with particular requirements. The website further goes on to declare electric bikes as EAPCs, which is short for electrically assisted pedal cycles.

Providing your E-bike complies with the regulations of the government, you can ride it without a license, insurance, or tax. This is only possible as long as your electric bike is classed under the government’s rule of a pedal bike. The EU stipulates under the EN15194 law that the bike cannot go faster than 15.5 miles an hour, or in other metrics, 25 kilometers an hour.

Since the speed is limited, it also means that the power output from the motor cannot be more than 250 watts. A bike that complies with these criteria is in line with European standards. All the major electric bike manufacturers build their bikes to European standards.

You can no longer claim your E-bike to be EAPC-compliant if your motor is capable of exceeding the required speed limit and its power output exceeds 250 watts. It would instead come under the motorcycle laws and will require you to need a license. Your electric bike will then also be subject to UK taxation and insurance. Additionally, you will also be required to wear a full motorcycle gear and helmet. The laws also only allow EAPCs on cycle paths and other platforms where cycle paths are allowed.

Final Thoughts

Regulations about electric bikes are fairly favorable in the UK. Insurance is also reasonable if you consider the repair and replacement costs that you spend in the entirety of the year.


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