E-Bike Battery Maintenance Tips in Winters

battery maintence in winter
During the chilly months, riding an e-bike is pretty enjoyable but taking good care of the batteries is the biggest challenge. As the life of a lithium battery is up to 4 years maximum only if it is well-maintained during changing atmospheric conditions, many people fail to do so.

How Do You Keep Your E-bike Battery Warm in the winter?

Batteries need a specific temperature to produce electricity, usually above 15 degrees Celsius. So, when your e-bike meets the winters, it needs a jacket or a sweater.

  1. Start with removing the battery if it is not in use for a prolonged period.
  2. Allow your bike to enjoy the temperature of the room for as long as possible.
  3. Shield the battery with a protective neoprene cover that keeps the inside warm.
  4. In case of putting the battery in storage, maintain the capacity above 60% to 75%.
  5. Don't use the heater to quickly warm the battery. Charge the battery at room temperature instead.
  6. If your commute is more prolonged, buy extra batteries instead of putting all the pressure on one.

Additionally, charge the battery fully, but do not drain the battery completely because the battery cell contains toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and more. By avoiding these liabilities, you can secure the shelf life of your battery.

It is interesting to note that riding an e-bike in cold, freezing weather conditions requires special care and attention to handle different challenges that can change the entire route.

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