The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining E-Bike Batteries in Winter

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining E-Bike Batteries in Winter

Electric components on an e-bike are susceptible to damage from water and moisture. But can freezing temperatures cause damage to your electric bike’s motor and battery? Cold weather, especially below freezing temperatures (32°F), can shorten the life of your battery and motor or even damage them permanently if you don't take proper care of them. You should never ride your electric bike in subzero temperatures (-0°F).


Follow these simple steps to help protect and prolong the performance of your e-bike battery.


Keep your battery inside


The battery should be stored at an ambient temperature above freezing, but preferably between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it inside where temperatures are comfortable for you and your e-bike battery will be in good shape as well. Ensure your battery is warm before riding your e-bike (room temperature is ideal).


Use a battery cover


Use a thermal cover and wrap it around the battery like a jacket while you’re riding. You can find a cover that fits your battery right.


Charge your e-bike battery at room temperature


Keep your battery charged inside, or at least where it’s warmer than 32°F. If the battery is often in low temperatures, your electric bike battery will lose its full charge more quickly.


Clean and maintain your e-bike


Make time for cleaning and maintenance, but this is doubly important during winter when wear and tear is so much greater. Check your brakes, lubricate your chain, and keep an eye on your motor. Furthermore, do your best to fight back the muck as much as possible.


With a little bit of extra care your e-bike and battery will keep you enjoying your cycling all the way through to spring.

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