Everything You Need To Know About Riding While Pregnant

Everything You Need To Know About Riding While Pregnant

Being pregnant is a joyous time, but you may also have many questions about what to do and what not to do throughout your pregnancy. During pregnancy, one of the most common questions is whether you can continue to exercise, from running to yoga to cycling. Ultimately, pregnant women are encouraged to exercise, but should be aware of any activities that may result in a fall. Falling is one of the biggest fears, which can, unfortunately, have severe consequences.

Here is what you need to know before taking up riding or other new activities while pregnant.


The Risks of Riding an Electric bike While Pregnant

It is different to ride an e-bike compared to a regular bicycle. Not only is the riding technique different, but so is the vehicle. This poses different risks, especially for pregnant women. So, can pregnant women ride a bike safely? Here are all the risks you need to know about.


Uncomfortable seat

During pregnancy, pregnant women take up different physical activities, and riding a bike might become more difficult as they progress. Most of this is caused by the uncomfortable seat, which might become worse as the pregnancy advances and the woman gains weight. It is not just uncomfortable to feel heavy on the seat, but it also makes the ride more difficult and less enjoyable. It might not be a big deal for short distances, but if there are long distances involved it will definitely become an issue.

Balance issues

Walking and riding a bike are adversely affected by the growing belly at the front of the body. As a result, the front weight takes over the entire body, which might lead to losing balance. Adding an e-bike makes that even more difficult, making it harder to navigate and stay in balance as the balance center shifts here.


Falling is the biggest fear of pregnant women. E-bikes greatly increase the possibility of falling. No matter whether you are pregnant or not, you are quite likely to fall. Despite the possibility of scratches or bruising for a regular rider, this serious issue might affect a pregnant woman's unborn child. In other words, the abdominal impact from the fall may affect the developing fetus.

Back pain

As you gain weight, your spine will likely curvature more. When in the riding position, you may overcompensate for the added belly weight by adjusting your shoulders farther back. Changing your position will disrupt your center of gravity and place too much stress on your spine.


How to ride Electric Bike Safely While Pregnant


It is still possible for pregnant women to ride an E-bike safely, even though there are many risks associated with them. The right safety practices will help you get the most out of every ride, and being in the air and staying physically active will help you have a healthy and safe pregnancy. The following are some tips on how to ride an E-bike safely during pregnancy: 


Adjust Your Saddle Height

Because of the weight gain in your midsection, you're likely to experience back pain throughout your pregnancy. If your e-bike saddle is too high, you may experience greater pain. Consider lowering the saddle height on your e-bike and moving the handlebars up so you're riding more upright. This way, you won't bend forward and strain your back during the ride.

Map Out Your Route

Does any part of your regular route require you to use pedal assist? In this case, you may be better off choosing another route that allows your electric bicycle to handle more of the ride. It's likely that you'll get winded more quickly when pregnant, which can cause your heart rate to rise. To avoid exhaustion, choose a route that won't require manual pedaling. This becomes increasingly important as you get further along in your pregnancy.

Choose suitable clothes

Pregnancy triggers hormones that may cause you to sweat more than usual. Thus, choosing clothing that is lightweight and made from a suitable fabric will help keep the body temperature balanced.

Stay Cool and Hydrated

It's still important to stay hydrated and cool even if your electric bike is doing most of the work. You are likely to overheat if riding in the heat or sunshine, mainly because your body tends to run hotter during pregnancy. To keep cool during your ride, opt for light and breathable articles of clothing and always pack a water bottle to stay hydrated.


Stay away from the heat

During pregnancy, the body temperature increases, and riding in hot weather might make it even higher. If you must, cool yourself off with a cool handkerchief to avoid the heat and the sun.

In the event of discomfort or any other abnormality, such as dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, vaginal bleeding, etc., seek medical help right away.

Knowing all the risks and following these tips can help all pregnant women navigate their E-bikes easily and get the most out of each ride.

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