Is It Safe To Take a Kid On Ebike

Is It Safe To Take a Kid On Ebike

There is no denying that e-bikes are becoming more and more popular. There's a good reason for this - the battery on an electric bicycle makes cycling more convenient and easier. A child's front or rear bike seat can be mounted on an e-bike for families with young children. Cycling with a child on board can be difficult because of the extra weight, but that is eliminated by the battery which gives you that little boost to help you pedal uphill or keep up speed on flat terrain.

Throughout this article, we have answered a lot of the questions that parents often ask when they are considering an e-bike and child seat combination.

Is it legal to carry a child in a bike seat on an e-bike

Children can be carried on an e-bike in a bike seat (front or rear) in the UK. Electrically assisted pedal cycles are not prohibited by either the Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles Regulation 1985 or the 2015 amendment to the regulation.

Is it safe to take kids on an e-bike

Yes, e-bikes are safer for riding with kids than non-motorized bicycles! 

Heavier gear support

A major advantage of eBikes is that they can carry heavier equipment and accessories thanks to their motor power. The child bike seat is popular with cyclists, but it can make pedaling very challenging as it weighs down the bicycle frame. Pedaling a bike with a child seat on it isn't hard with the motor's power assistance.

More trailer compatibility

Trailers are more commonly towed behind electric bikes. Those with less strength struggle with a child seat and lose significant performance when towing a child trailer. It's tough to pull a child trailer up a hill, so parents are limited in where they can take the trailer. With the eBike motor, you can put your child in a trailer without sacrificing performance or worrying about going out with a child seat.

Less likely to feel fatigued

You will get tired more quickly even if you are an experienced cyclist when bringing along kids. When you're tired, you're going to pay less attention to the road, which can lead to costly mistakes. When you crash by yourself, it's one thing, but when your child is in the back seat or on a trailer, it's a much more serious situation. It's impossible to get tired while riding your eBike, thanks to its motor. You will remain more alert while you ride rather than being winded.

What effect will carrying a child on the bike have on the battery life

How long your e-bike battery lasts depends on the gradient of the road, the strength of the wind, how many times you need to stop at intersections or traffic lights, how fast you like to accelerate, and the combined rider/bike weight. The range will not be significantly effected by the addition of a child and a child seat since all the other factors will be taken into account. There will, however, be a small degradation in performance if you were riding the same route, in exactly the same conditions, with and without a child on board.

What should to consider before riding with family

Choosing the best electric bike(s) for your family

Choosing the right bike for not only yourself but also your family is an important first step since there are so many out there. It's at least logical for the group's brave leader to have a decent bike. Also, not just any electric bike, but one that is solid and reliable. To start out, we recommend an electric city bike, like the Linky EZY. City bikes offer enough power, comfort, and battery life to handle most family electric bike riding situations. Thankfully, the market has many different ebikes you can choose from, if you prefer something more specialized.

Families will benefit from the following features of the best electric bikes:

  • A generous rack in the back that can accommodate a child seat or
  • A large bucket where the kids can sit while you ride.
  • A stronger motor that can handle the extra weight plus a larger battery to power

An electric cargo bike would be an excellent choice. They tick all the above boxes and are very popular with families. They’re great if your kids can’t ride themselves yet and you don’t want to bother with equipping a child seat or trailer. They’re also useful not just when it comes to portering around the kids but also chores and life stuff in general.

Special note: can children ride electric bikes?

It's completely up to you if your child is ready and capable of riding an electric bike. In the event that they are good riders and you feel confident that they will be able to handle a motorbike, then go ahead. The majority of parents teach their children how to ride a bicycle gradually, starting with training wheels, then solo riding, and finally adding pedals. The length of time it takes depends on the child's level of proficiency and the parent's guidance.

Our recommendation, and that of many others, is not to give your children an electric bike right away. First of all, they probably won't be able to handle it at first. Before introducing them to an electrical diving system, it's better to teach them the basics on a regular bike.

Another issue is that depending on their age, they might not even be allowed to ride an eclectic bike. Before riding an electric bike, riders need to be between 14 and 16 years old. There are different rules and regulations in different regions (including US states), but a rule of thumb is 14-16. It may even be necessary for riders to obtain a license. Therefore, ALWAYS check the local laws before lending someone an ebike or riding yourself.

Don't complicate things. You should buy your child a regular bike first, and then once they get used to it and reach a certain age, you can buy them an ebike. It should also be a simple ebike - nothing too heavy or powerful. When the child is ready to upgrade, then do so.  Additionally, you should keep in mind that they will outgrow their bikes as they get older. Buying them a bike when they're too young is a waste of money. I pray they don't even like biking (shock and horror).


Investing in and riding electric bikes together as a family isn't just a great way to spend time together, but it's also a great way to teach everyone about the benefits of biking. It includes environmental effects, health benefits, as well as a more sustainable lifestyle. Remember to have fun while you're at it. Bike riding is as much about enjoyment as it is about being useful. Prepare your route, prepare your gear, and don't push yourself too hard.Also,check here if you are interested in buying a best budget e-bike

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