Get to Know 3 Different Bike Speeds

Get to Know 3 Different Bike Speeds

New riders and cyclists who have been riding for a while often have questions regarding the different bike speeds. They’re looking for the perfect bicycle for their riding conditions and goals, and they realize that having the correct bike with the right amount of gears is essential.

The question of how many speeds you need on your bike can be a complicated one—or a very easy one—depending on how clearly you know what you need from your bike. Some bikes are ideal for slow weekend journeys to the farmers market or along a lake bike path. Others will take you uphill, downhill, and across some pretty tough terrain. If you already know you want to stick to your neighborhood, a single-speed may be all you need. When you’re on the adventurous side, you should seek out a multi-speed bike for sale. From single speed bikes, to 3 speed cruisers, to multi speed beach cruisers, Hovsco has them all. For some riders, our previous post What Effective Ways of Unlocking the Speed Limit of Your Electric Bike will help control bike speed better.

In this post, we'll help break down the difference between single-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed cruisers. 


Single Speed Bike

A single speed bike is just what it sounds like: two-wheelers constructed with just one speed, meaning you never have to switch gears. Pedal forward, and your bike goes forward; pedal backward and it stops. A single speed bike is perfect for anyone who simply wants to take their baby out for a spin for fresh air, a little exercise or both, and preferably on flat terrain. A single speed bike is uncomplicated, which makes it easy to ride. There's nothing wrong with simplicity, and a single-speed cruiser proves just that. These ultra-reliable bikes require no moving parts, with only the pedals to create the speed for this cruiser. If you're a leisurely rider, this is the speed for you.

However, they are also slow, so if speed or climbing hills is your thing, then perhaps you should consider a different type of bike since you will develop a substantial sweat riding either.


Three Speed Bike


The 3-speed is just your guy. These bikes tuck neatly away their gears and shifting mechanisms for a clean, minimalist and more elegant design. They also don't require a derailleur which means you can mount a chain guard and keep your drivetrain non-exposed from anything harmful. They’re also easy to maintain, as dirt, road tar and other gunk doesn’t get into the gears and wear them down prematurely. Thankfully for your budget, these reliable bikes are relatively low in need of repairs. If you're a city rider, the 3-speed cruiser will be the best bet for you. With flat terrain, you won't need to shift more than three gears.

Many riders are surprised to know that 3-speed bikes don’t have a chain that moves and don’t require a derailleur, which means that you can mount a chain guard with full coverage to your bike, keeping your drive train sealed from any elements that would destroy it. Plus, without a drive train exposed, your legs and pants stay cleaner.

Seven Speed Bike

Compared to a 3-speed bike, a 7-speed is preferable for a rider who travels on varying terrain. Professional cyclists ride 7-speed bikes because they can adjust the cycle's gears according to personal preference. If you're not afraid of a challenge and prepared to travel the beaten path, the 7-speed is just for you. Thanks to the increased range, you can tackle rougher terrains and climb hills easier. Not only will you have the same options as the 3-speed, but you will also gain the advantage of a few extra gears. Due to the lower and higher gears, you will enjoy a smoother ride and easier pedal rotation. The lower gears will be perfect for those calm, Sunday rides, while the higher gears are everything you need for that final push up a challenging hill.

A multiple-geared bike like a seven-speed cruiser has a lot more range than a single speed bike in terms of your pedaling. Because you can shift into lower gears for uphills and higher gears for downhills and flat roads, you'll have a much easier time negotiating changing terrain.


For most consumers, a 7 speed bicycle is probably the best bet. It's relatively affordable and is highly versatile. Riders can enjoy this bike in the mountains, and it is perfect for commuting in urban environments too. The flexibility and utility of these bikes make them worthwhile investments. Especially, Himiway’s fat tire e-bike can help people with many different situation like snow and sand.

The main thing, of course, is to have fun with whatever electric bike you choose. If you decide correctly, there's a solid chance that you will enjoy this e-bike for many years! Maybe the post electric-bike-vs-speed-bike will intrigue your interest and help you a lot. 

Happy riding!

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