7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an E-Bike

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an E-Bike

Spring is coming and it's a great time to make a healthy plan. Nothing highlights your commitment to staying fit than an electric bike. Though this might seem like a big investment, it is exactly what you need to start your cycling adventure. However, you have to know the common mistakes that beginners make when buying their first electric bikes. So, this article is the perfect guide for you!


MISTAKE #1- Buying An E-Bike With A Small Battery

This is one of the most important factors when looking at e-bikes because the bigger the battery, the more riding range you’ll have before needing to recharge. Hovsco Bikes’ batteries get between 35-70+ miles on a single charge depending on the model. The current Hovranger battery, the 48V/15Ah, delivers 720 watt-hours of power. However, the distance the bike travels also depends on the terrain, wind, and the rider’s weight. With the pedal assist set to a lower level, bikers can even ride beyond the average mileage per charge.

MISTAKE #2 - Not Knowing Your Playground

Every electric bike is designed for a different type of person and a different purpose. The first thing you have to determine is what is most important to you and where you’ll be riding your bike the most often. Just like with a regular bike, there are options for cargo hauling, cruising, trail riding, kid-hauling, downhill, mountain biking, road biking, sand and snow, traveling, and urban commuting. The key is figuring out what you need.
Don’t make the mistake of choosing your new electric bike based off an attractive frame style. What it looks like is far less important that what it does. Each bike comes with different capabilities, tires, motors, breaks, and more depending on how it will be used. This also includes knowing your daily distance. For example, if your commute involves a long hill, you don’t want your power to run out of juice halfway up. Or, if you’re going to do twenty miles of commuting every day, you probably don’t want a bike that only has a twenty-mile range.

MISTAKE #3 - Forgetting to Test Ride

Bike fit is beyond important. An uncomfortable seat, incorrectly spaced handlebars, and even pedal placement can make a huge difference in your comfort. You also need to consider how each bike performs and handles. For example, you might really enjoy a lot of power when you throttle, or you might prefer a pedal assist bike with a torque sensor that combines your pedal power with electric power.
The key is to test as many electric bikes as you can so that you get an idea about what suits you best. You need to know if the bike can climb hills the way you need it to, help you carry your gear, and perform all the functions you want with a quality that you like.

MISTAKE #4 - Buying The Wrong Size E-Bike

An uncomfortable riding experience can be a literal pain. Don’t go there. Bikes come in different sizes for a reason and you want one that fits you properly. That means one in which you won’t struggle to get on or off the bike; can get optimal and comfortable leg extension with; and one in which you can ride with your natural posture without hurting your back or neck. When you’re buying a Juiced e-bike, talk with our experts and let them know your height -- bike frames come in various sizes. Know that you can adjust the seat height, to fine-tune the vertical size. In general, we recommend you look at our size chart on our website and view the standover height. Comparing this to your inseam, you will want to get the frame that’s closest to but not higher than your inseam. Have hip or mobility issues? Be sure to look at our step-through models as their frame is made for comfortably getting on and off the bike. Bottom line: You want it to be the right fit, from the first time you sit on the bike.

MISTAKE #5 - Buying An E-Bike Without A Warranty Or Domestic Customer Service

Even though you trust the brand of your e-bike or you know that it is of utmost quality, there are always some things that go not in the way you would expect. For such cases it is essential to have both a warranty and accessible customer support, and by customer support we don’t mean bots that just give automatic answers to your specific questions.

Being aware of this necessity, Hovsco provides an informed customer support team consisting of qualified staff to help you troubleshoot in no time. Also, we provide a lot of informative videos about assembly, adjustments and maintenance on website blogs.

MISTAKE #6 - Always Check The Specs

Regardless of the component it's related to, you should learn the meaning of each of the specs of your e-bike you're interested in. From the tire size and type, component names, and available upgrades to the motor type. Each of these specs mean something different to your everyday ride and should be considered. The brake type you go for will change depending on the speed you want to ride at, and battery size will have an impact on the distance you can ride in a single charge. The first thing you should do is check and understand the specs of your e-bike so you have realistic expectation on its capabilities and limitations instead of purchasing the e-bike and regretting it later.

MISTAKE #7 - Not Asking The Right Questions

Speaking of questions, make a list of those you want answered -- before you start the buying process. We know people have a lot of topics they want to cover, and our Customer Service agents are prepared to address every one of yours. You want to be as informed as possible before making a large purchase like this. That way, you’ll have comfort in knowing all of the facts up front.

Though electric bikes might seem expensive, going for an affordable option with quality components is your best bet. You should avoid making uninformed decisions when buying your e-bike. Therefore, avoid the mistakes listed above, and you could land the bike of your dreams. Choose a Hovsco eBike and set the wheels rolling. 

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