When to Replace Your Electric Bike Tires, 7 Warning Signs to Look For

When to Replace Your Electric Bike Tires, 7 Warning Signs to Look For

Tires are the consumable we go through most when riding regularly. Whether it is from long term wear, or from rolling through some people's broken glass bottle discarded carelessly onto the side of the road, tires need to be constantly checked and replaced.

When you start clocking up the miles every week you will be amazed how quickly your tires do wear down or fail completely. Pre-empting catastrophic failure while on a long ride "out the back" can save a lot of frustration and walking. Read on for some tips when checking your tires and deciding on a replacement time. (Also read our previous post How to Choose the Right Electric Bicycle Wheel


Repeated Flats

On a road bike a good indicator is a sudden increase in flats. If you suddenly experience an increase in punctures, check your tires for wear, holes or even make sure they are seated properly.


Worn Down Tread

Just like car tires, if bike tires are worn, they need to be replaced. If you take a look at your tires and the tread is worn down, it’s time for new tires. On a mountain bike, if the knobs are almost gone it’s time. On a road bike if the tread is gone or your starting to see the casing showing through it’s time for new tires.


Cracked Rubber

Cracks on the rubber usually happen if you don't use your bikes after a couple of years. The rubber tends to become brittle as the tire ages, which can be dangerous if you continue to use it.

Although there are times when riding an old bike with cracked sidewalls is okay, inflating it with over 80 PSI of air pressure will only damage it even more. So, if you see cracks from any of your bicycle tires, then it's time to let it go.


Cuts and holes

The edge of the road is full of all sorts of junk and debris, particularly after rain. Even if you don't get an immediate puncture you will notice a constant build-up of small nicks and cuts. It is a good idea to check if any of these holes have punctured through the casing, and if so you may need to replace the tire. A tube inflated to 100 PSI will squeeze through any hole available, which usually ends up as a puncture.

Another important thing to look out for is a sidewall cut or tear near the bead of the bike tire. This can result in a blow out and any tire with a compromised casing (particularly near the bead) should be discarded immediately.



A flat tire can be easily managed and you can soon continue your ride, but when it comes to the tears, that does require more time and more professional help. Although tears might be accidents, when it comes to the life of the tires, they are just another indicator that it is time for a new one. When a rip in the tire happens, then, it is one sure sign that the life of the tire is nearly coming to the end. To prevent such a mishap on the road, it is always suggested to check the tires. This checking means looking for bulges. If you happen to see something that is growing from the tire, then it is a clear sign that there is a certain weakness in that particular spot. From that moment on, it will be just a matter of time when the tear happens and the tube blows out. So, do not wait for the tire to go flat. As soon as you see such growth, immediately replace the tire with a new one.


Poor Ride Quality

Another factor that you need to consider is your bicycle's performance. Although your bike tires pass the test for any signs of wear, you can still replace it if it's affecting your bicycle's performance.

If you're still barely new to the sport, then it's best to go with heavy tires that are puncture resistant. But if you feel confident about your skills, then consider getting lighter tire handles instead. Not only does it feel lighter compared to all-weather tires, but it'll also help you accelerate better. However, choosing a lighter tire handle also means that it's more prone to flats and can also wear out faster.


These are only a few of the signs that can help you decide whether to replace your bicycle tires or not. You need to understand how your bicycle works so you'll know what to do if ever something happens to it.

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