4 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your E-Bike

4 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your E-Bike

Pandemic COVID-19 and climate change have prompted us to rethink how we live our daily lives. As well, we have so much free time, and a world of endless possibilities opens up to us. Decorating your bike is not only for show. In addition to making your bike unique, it also makes it safe to ride at night, or it can simply give you something to look at while you ride. You can decorate your bike with lights, stickers, paint, and modifications to truly make it your own. Here are some fun and creative ideas on how to decorate your bike while riding outdoors. 


Decorate your E-bike handlebar


There are so many ways one can decorate his or her handlebar, from streamers to mirrors. Streamers on the handlebars of an ebike are the visual equivalent of the freedom you feel when riding it: streaming wild and free! Ebike streamers are inexpensive and easy to DIY.

About 3-6 pieces of ribbons, an eye screw, and a nail are needed. The first step is to poke a small hole in both ends of your handlebar grips with the nail. You can also use a zip tie to attach ribbons either to the handlebar or to the ends of the grips if you're uncertain about making a hole in the handlebar grip. After that, screw the eye screw securely into the hole. Now, pull your ribbon through the eye hole. Tie it in a double knot, and enjoy!


Decorate your E-bike with Basket


Wicker baskets provide space for storage and can also serve as blank canvas for decorating your bike! Choose some of your favorite materials: flowers, flags, pom-poms, ribbons, etc. Arrange them as you wish, either around the top or bottom of your basket. Then use hot glue (E-6000 can also work) to secure the arrangement to the basket and you're good to go!


Decorate your E-bike Frame


Another thing you can do to make the e-bike more attractive is to decorate the frame. Adding fresh paint to an e-bike frame will also make it look like a brand-new e-bike. You can find a variety of bike paint ideas with a variety of decoration options on the Internet. Besides, you can find a shop that specializes in bike painting. That will add a fresh vibe to the frame, and make it look as good as new!


Decorate your E-bike Light

Lights are not only a basic bicycle component for daytime and nighttime riding, but they can also be used to decorate your bike. There are solid lights, colored lights, and even flashing lights. By doing this, you'll combine bike decorations with safety precautions. There are a variety of ebike LED lights you can purchase, and there are options available for virtually every part of your bike, including your wheels! Given the nature of electricity and battery-operated bicycles, it is not recommended to create your own lights or to attach any purchased lights to or near the motor/battery.  


What ever bike decorating ideas you may have, and however you go about decorating your bike, the journey is all yours. Just scroll through, see for yourself and show your creativity and personalities by decorating their ebikes!

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