Should You Buy An E-Bike Online Or In-Store?

Should You Buy An E-Bike Online Or In-Store?

Buying online is fast, easy, you can do it from home, AND you save a significant amount of money. This is how people buy things now days. All of our efforts have been focused on streamlining our business model in order to make buying an electric bike online as simple and hassle-free as possible.


Avoid Dealer Fees


One of the greatest advantages of buying your bike online is that you will never pay any dealer fees. This is not the case when you shop in a store. With online shopping, you can buy the best product at the most competitive price. Adding hidden fees, in this case, to the price of a bike, is pretty annoying. Particularly today, when every shopper can do proper research and compare the prices. Finding the right E-bike takes time, and when you consider your budget, paying additional fees is definitely out of the question.

Enjoy Free Shipping


Our bikes are shipped free of charge and we have taken an extraordinary amount of time and effort to package them so that they arrive at your door almost completely assembled. Usually in less than 30 minutes, you can be out on the road with your new electric bike!

When you buy any large-sized item in store, like an electric bike, you might expect added shipping costs. To ship these items, other company charges an additional shipping fee to cover the extra cost for their larger size and weight.

Buy from Hovsco Bikes, and you won't be charged shipping. These extra savings help put our e-bikes in more homes!  


One-stop Shopping

Another benefit of online shopping over in-store shopping is that you can finish faster and save time. The online store is the place where you purchase what you want. When shopping in-store, you have to travel from store to store, which can be time-consuming and expensive.
It is definitely important to consider a lot of factors before buying online or in a store. Carefully considering these pros and cons can prepare you for the big day when you pull the trigger on your new e-bike. 

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