2022 Electric Bicycle Buying Guide: How to Choose

2022 Electric Bicycle Buying Guide: How to Choose

You may be looking for the perfect gift or a better way to get around with an electric bike. Finding the right e-bike for your needs can be challenging, especially if you don't know much about them. There are so many options! Even when you Even if you find a great brand (like Hovsco), you may need a little help narrowing down your options. The following buying guide will get you started on finding the ideal e bike.


Types of Electric Bikes

Potential buyers often wonder: how do electric bikes work? The answer is a bit more complicated than you might think since there are a few types of electric bikes. They are all bicycles with an electric motor and battery added. However, they can operate a little differently depending on the class you select:

Class 1: There is a motor that provides assistance only when you pedal, but it stops when you reach 20 mph.
Class 2: There is a pedal-assist mode that works up to 20 miles per hour and a throttle-only mode. Therefore, you can ride a class 2 bike without even pedaling!
Class 3: Like class 1, these bikes only have a pedal-assist mode, but the assistance is up to 28 mph.

Classification is defined by law, so most manufacturers follow the same scheme. Another key question for buyers is how much do electric bikes cost? Class 1 is generally the least expensive and ideal for fun-seekers. Class 2 bikes are more practical and more expensive but can still go to most places that class 1 bikes can. Class 3 bikes are the most practical and the most expensive. It tends to be the favored class for commuters and others using bikes for daily transit needs.


Electric Bikes For Men

After you know what type of e-bike you want, you can begin thinking about the specific model. There are typically similar electric bikes for sale for men and women, but there are a few small differences. Men's bikes typically have larger frames and higher top bars.

Hovsco offers a variety of styles, such as cruiser, fat tire, and comfort. City hunter bikes are great for commuting and other transit. A mountain cruiser bike is better for relaxed riding. For fun rides in the sand, fat tire bikes are perfect. Comfort bikes are a more upright, European style that is great for people who find bicycles uncomfortable.

Electric Bikes For Women

There are a lot of great options available for electric bicycles for women, just like the selection for men. These bikes are built a little smaller, however. Furthermore, some of them have lower, 'step-through' top bars that make it easier for people wearing skirts to get on them. People who have difficulty lifting their legs over a standard frame also like those lower top bars.

You'll find all the same frames available for women as for men. Hovsco A5 Mountain Cruiser is especially popular with both men and women. (The related post about How to choose the best Ebike for women is here.)


Check out the full selection of electric bikes at Hovsco. Having learned about the types of electric bikes, the difference between men's and women's bikes, and the most popular frame styles, you can now find the perfect bike for you. 

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